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Because no one would care anyway

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I'm very down today, that's more of an understatement...but no one would care either way. Of course people here have to care, it's their job. My friends hate me and i'm so alone right now. I feel like im too ugly to find someone that looks good and will ever date me. Because looks actually do matter. Also, ive given up on finding someone who is beautiful on the inside because everyone just betrays me and i know im not beautiful on the inside so i cant hold others to being the same. Im such an emotional and physical wreck no one even knows. I can't cry because there is no purpose. I feel like im s heavy and walking through a thick pool of jello with every move i make, but since im in this jello no one notices my struggles and if they do they just laugh and taunt me because im in the jello and look stupid in the jello and act stupid in the jello as well. get it?
heh. well this might get one cheesy reply as all of my other threads have as well.


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well, if you're not looking for the classic "cheer up" (or cheesy as you put it) reply, what exactly are you hoping to get out of this? seems a bit counter-productive, you know? but hey, whatever you wanna do.


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No one is innocent on the inside, but everyone has thier beauty. If you want someone to love you don't go after them because they look nice, go after them because of you like them. If you can't like people because they are 'ugly' then you've got a problem.
Furthermore, people see you in the jello and laugh because they don't understand the problems you face in the jello. If it was battery acid they might understand so talk to people as if your in battery acid.
Metaphors arn't cheesy are they?
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