Become more selfish! advice for anyone suicidal

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Nox, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Nox

    Nox Member

    i heavent seen this in the stickies,but why would people want to choose suicide anyway?

    i know what its like to feel depressed,i even contemplated suicide once.but in the end i only came to one conclusion:
    "if i die,i will be gone,i will never experience anything ever again,not joy,not sadness,i will never learn new things,i will be will be eternal blackness from which i will never escape"

    now of course my views of the "afterlife" have changed since then(since the brain cant even function,there wouldnt even be any blackness),but the basic thought is the same.the suicide will end me,and i am the center of the universe

    How am i the center of the universe? because i percieve everything through myself.i think in my mind,i see through my eyes,all the actions that happen,happen around ME.

    >I< am therefore the only thing that matters,and by that extension,all that would matter to me,matters as well(things such as family,things that make me happy,things i would like to see happen)

    people,i am telling your current situations,no matter what is compelling you to kill yourself,remember that you always have choices.and the right choice is always YOURSELF.
    because if you die,everything around you dies as well.if you have a friend,a great friend that cares for you-you will never see him/her again,not their words,face,smiles,laughter.nothing will isnt that the same as him dying anyway?

    now i cant even begin to understand what kind of pain some of you are going through,but this is the most logical course of action.does your father beat you? call social security,fight him back,run away from home,seek help,ANYTHING TO HELP YOURSELF! he is not the important one here,YOU ARE!!!
    any kind of external threat to you,any kind of outer source that is making you hurt,you should best try to avoid or confront it,because by removing that which causes you pain,YOU(the one thing that is most important)will be able to experience what YOU want-a good life.

    remember people,it is not society which deems who is important,it is ourselves. even if youre the ugliest,nerdiest outcast in the school,to yourself youre the only thing that should matter,and you should do things according to YOUR desires,not the desires of others(although its great when you and society have in-common desires so everyone can be happy).

    i hope this will help someone to become stronger see that in the big picture,all the drama,all the social crap,everything is irrelevant if you dont exist.
  2. aqaq22

    aqaq22 Well-Known Member


    You make excellent points Nox. In the end, who is it? Who's utimately responsible for his or her own happiness and/or well-being. I believe that's the point of your post? And, do something about the pain, if you are in pain! Am I correct?

    One caveat...I'm just wondering if you have ever experienced real, incapcitating physical pain? The kind where you cannot help yourself? The kind which prevents you from being able to move. The kind where, if you hurt bad enough, you'd do anything to remove the pain.

    Emotional pain can be every bit as bad, and some would say worse (myself included, I've experienced it), as physical pain. It can easily be more incapaciting. And, when one experiences pain over extended periods of time, over the years, the unrelenting nature of it can force people to look for ways of reducing it that is not in keeping w/ what some who have not experienced that same type of chronic pain could understand, nor comprehend.

    Nox, I believe the points you made are about how things are supposed to work, or, at a minimum, can work. In the end, some of the points you made are probably the way things, must be, in order for us to function correctly.

    Unfortunately, things in this life do not always work to perfection. Sometimes they don't work at all. :sad: And, fixing broken things is not always easy, nor possible.

    That's not to say our first line of treating pain should be to give up hope. It's just stating more of the obvious, as you have so clearly and concisely done yourself.

    I'm so happy for you that things are working for you again, and that you've found a way to keep them going in that direction, sounds like, for the most part anyway!!! :smile: Thanks for sharing that things can, and do get better!! And, what seems so obvious a solution to a person in pain, it maybe that there's other ways of dealin' with it than suicide... DC
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  3. Adammonroe

    Adammonroe New Member

    You won't feel a thing, oblivion is a blessing..and you will die anyways, you will feel what if you NEVER experience some happiness in this life..i guess it's all chance, are you ready to fight for your life and maybe make it or END all YOUR problems (yes, you will leave some new ones for your family, but meh..oblivion takes care of that.).

    What if nothing makes you happy anymore? We have seen people here who have looks, beauty , social life, CHILDREN, a husband etc...Sometimes that happiness does not come from outside but inside, which is VERY hard for some and there's no medicine in the world that can fix that. So what then?

    Indeed, YOURSELF..So why should i care for other people's happiness? If i'm suffering and KEEP suffering haven't i the right to do with my life as i please? I'll end here because this is a pro-life.

    Btw nice thread OP
  4. Ipse_Dixit

    Ipse_Dixit Well-Known Member

    there are things i could write to counter your argument...but won't because this is supposed to be a "pro-life" site and, even if i'm sure i need to kill myself, i don't want to tell anyone else they should...

    but in the end, that survival instinct that resides in most creatures is, in my case, increasingly seeming like an antiquated and dusty ol’ remnant of prehistoric days that is wearing out its usefulness.

    who says this belief that we need to hold onto life at all costs is valid for everyone?

    it may be "selfish" for the person to commit suicide, but it also selfish for people to not allow that person this option.
  5. Kally101

    Kally101 Member

    For me I have tried everything and see no future for myself. Things that use to make me happy no longer do. I just don't like life nor feel that I fit into society. Staying alive is pure torture.

    I hate work of any form.

    I hate paying bills and you have to do this to stay alive as well as work.

    Apparently I am not the type that is suppose to be married or have kids.

    I feel that it is too hard to live a life that pleases God.

    There are many things I hate about myself. My ways included.

    I can't keep friends.

    The world seems to be coming to an end and I have a hard looking at things others are going through. I just can't handle the stress.
  6. Nox

    Nox Member

    aqaq22:no,actually im trying more to make you see that fundementaly,all that exists to a single human being is himself.
    youve seen the matrix,you know the basic idea.what can you really be sure of? your own mind, your own existance.and all efforts should go to preserve that one existance

    the point is that death negates not only your problems,but everything exactly,besides making the pain go away,is this beneficial to you?pain is a passing thing,even the most intensefying one evaporates over time...

    oh please,ive been social life,children...whatever.the point im making is that social life should not dictate you,you should dictate it.this goes for all your life.YOU should be the one making choices about your destiny,and YOU should destroy anything that stands in your path of doing so.
    now while this may sound like a "quit being a pansy and do something about it" i just want to say as previously that its a logical(=makes sense) that to yourself,you should be the only priority,and this means that your priority should also be taking control of your life.
    you should care about others if they are an extension of your own desires.meaning if you WANT them to be happy yourself,you should try to make them happy.

    now dont get me wrong,im not against suicide if you have some kind of disease that will only bring you a slow and painful death.
    but you should always look at the basic principle.if YOU are the most important thing,and if death takes that important thing away,you should fight for that important thing no matter the odds.

    so basically if LIFE+NOTHING BUT PAIN= suicide could be okay
    but if LIFE+PAIN+OPOORTUNITY TO END IT= suicide is not acceptable to you,since it doesnt conform to your well being
  7. aqaq22

    aqaq22 Well-Known Member

    I think I understand what you're sayin'.....

    Pain and pleasure, happiness, CAN coexist. it's not all one or the other. And, it's all my show. Period. End of show. Nothing more "out there".


    There is no "outside". It's all about me. period. end of story. It's MY consciousness we're talkin' about here. It's not a "movie". It's a piece of clay (my consciousness) that is what ever I say I think it ought to be?

    Kally...I want you listenin' to this. Anyone who uses Boobah ain't all bad. And, I told ya once, get your own definition of God.. ok? :dry: (and while I got ya in my sights...go an' get those cysts fixed). I know you got heart, but there's no reason in makin' this any harder than it has to be, am I wrong? There's easier ways 'a doin' it. ....:smile::biggrin::smile:

    Anyway...Nox, so w/out my life, NOTHING exists for me. I;ve heard this before...

    "Don't throw the baby out w/ the bath water"? Is that all you are saying?
    Nothing exists for me...without me. Period.

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  8. Nox

    Nox Member

    i think you got it yes.
    because i dont know what kind of image some people have about suicide,that its a release,that it will make everything go away.
    everything going away would be sad for me,not existing in the world where i can manipulate my soroundings,where i have an impact on the world around me,even a small one-that would be horrible.
  9. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Nox I know where you're coming from I think the most common thing with people who have thoughts of suicide is pretty much to end the misery they constantly endure.
  10. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    its simple

    suicide is the pain one feels against ones ability to deal with that pain.

    everyone is different
  11. alice0705

    alice0705 Well-Known Member

    I agree. That usually helps me-to be my own best advocate. But, sometimes, you feel like the "stuff" starts getting to you a little too much. Then, gradually, you feel like it is not only getting to you, but driving you under. Eventually, all the pressure makes you just want to give up, throw your hands up and give up! Of course, a lot of the "stuff" is my own mental torture I inflict upon myself!

    I go through periods where I am doing really well and think I am above all the dark stuff and then it comes back. Or, I just start feeling like I am losing ground and then, BAM! ready to just give up again.
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