Becoming an inpatient.

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  1. Lux

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    I'm not really 100% how this process might work, so I thought I'd ask, sorry if it's inappropriate or anything.

    I've been feeling so dreadful these last few days, it's getting to the point where I'm terrified of making an attempt, so I'm torn between living for the future (although I can't see it being worth much) because of being accepted into a university, and torn between just going for good.

    Basically, my question is, if I admit myself voluntarily because I feel unsafe at the moment, will it stop me from going to university?
    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.
  2. JmpMster

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    It is not a stupid question at all. It will have no more bearing than going to a hospital for a broken leg or surgery. It is a medical issue. The nature of it does not even have to be disclosed just like you do not need to call and tell UNI you had appendicitis. At the same time, just like any other health issue - they will give you a recommendation on what activities to return to and when. Whether you follow that advice is up to you. It is a very positive step you are taking to explore the options - please follow through and find out what services are available to you.

    Take Care and Be Safe

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