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Been a while, but I'm back

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So it's been quite a while since I've been here, truth is everything's been going really well, upto now that is, so anyway I've left England, I'm travelling around Europe tattooing and selling artwork, I'm currently in Paris, which is awesome! except that all of a sudden I've just taken a downward turn, I mean, I'm working, I'm putting out some of the best work of my entire career, I'm tattooing some really amazing people and enjoying every moment of being in Paris, so I don't know why I feel like shit, maybe I'm homesick, maybe I'm subconsciously convinced that I don't deserve all this, I don't have a clue, all I know is that I'm starting to withdraw into myself again and that's NEVER good, right?

Not sure why I'm posting this, I don't think anyone could give any helpful advice, I guess I just want it off my mind, but by all means, if you've felt like this before, give me some insight, cos I'm clueless, cheers in advance guys.


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i remember you, you were the one who's thread i high jacked when you offered people to talk about their problems lol
good to see that you've been so well.
anyway, a few thoughts came to my mind when i read this.
do you feel like you have kind of reached a high right now, since you are loving your current situation? do you think that these moments of happiness could be short lived? we always need something to look forward to. maybe your scared of what will happen when its over or dont know what even better to look forward to. just some ideas :dunno:
thats what always pops into my head when im enjoying myself. i think of how meaningless the moment actually is and that it will all fade eventually. and that every bit of happiness has twice as much sadness and emptiness following. you can tell im a pessiminst
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