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    Haven't posted anything on SF for a long time...thought I'd come back and see how people were doing. The stuff I'm posting is alll untitled and jumbled together in an illiterate mass. Most of it doesn't have rhyme, and all of it doesn't keep a constant metre, but it is poetry nonetheless.

    The second one I wrote while I was drunk at a friend's house. Evidentley is was to a girl (though she is just a friend, and will only ever be a friend) - I don't remember writing it.

    The injustices, the tyrannies, all the bullshit, fucking blasphemies.
    The intolerance, the insolance, the cries of all the desperate.

    This is not the way we're made,

    Now I've got to come and say,
    "I'm sure we'll all rot in hell someday"

    The wars, the famines, all these fucking pig-lipped corporations - they will all burn eventually.

    Under one of these injustices, I'm sure will be the death of me.
    Today on my way home - I'm sure I'll meet my destiny.

    They'll wrest me from my iron cage - all bloody, pulpous, eyes engaged.

    Some days I wish that I had stayed at home.

    I am only one man - half a man at that. The fact that I could love you and hold you - that fact I can't deny. But say that someday, someday soon, you leave - I won't hesitate to cry. Upon your departure, I'll be there. Upon your return I will have never left. Be it friend or lover, I do not know; but time will show that I love you and that I will never forsake you. But my god I would kill to see you smile - to see you laugh one more time. To prove to you that love can be the most perfect thing. Trust. I will show you the way to happiness. I will show you a better life, where only the angels can see us. (Where death remains still - and haunts you no more - a place where loved one can care for eachother and grow old together.) For far too long have me worried about the consequences. Far too long....

    Do you want me to tell you what you look like through my eyes?'
    Please don't be surprised if you hear so many things that you have never heard before. Do you want me to tell you the things I could never say to your face? Do you want me to tell you I love you? That I can care for you? And hold you close?

    Thanks for reading. Peace.
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