Been hopeless my whole life

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    My whole life, I have suffered from severe isolation. I have no friends in high school. My family doesn't care about me. I LITERALLY have NOBODY. I am going to college next year, and I am afraid that there won't be any support for me. I am afraid that my life will always be this dull. I have voiced my concerns to other people, only to be hurt by their apathy. This is my last resort. Otherwise, I doubt I will be able to last any longer. I have been alienated by everybody. There is nobody who loves me or likes me one bit.

    What am I supposed to do? What's the point of living anymore without any loved ones?
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    *hugs* Think of college as a fresh start. You can be whoever you want to be and everyone will be new in college.
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    Colleges offer lots of services to students including behavioral health. Look in to that first.

    Then check into the dozens of clubs and groups that are available. Shared interests will lead to a better chance at connection.
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    Hello Hunter
    People may show apathy when we want love. but they usually respect those who love them. Our purpose is to love and being loved is just a result for us loving all the people who are in our life irrespective of how they do or dont express love. It doesnt mean people dont love us because they dont show it exactly the way we like. Each person has their own behavior problems and respond act differently. Remember that you can love yourself even if others cant. we all are here to help you feel cared and loved.
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    Have you tried joining forums for people that share similar interests? Or joining up with I am not really sure how teenagers meet people these days. But you should be more independent once you start College, especially if you are going to move and stay in a residence. My advice is to try pursuing knowledge and constructive hobbies instead of relationships.