Been offered more therapy but not sure what to do...

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Butterfly, Aug 26, 2014.

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    I've recently finished an intense course of group CBT which was depression and anxiety focused. I feel like it has helped me a lot and I use a lot of the things I learned on a daily basis to keep the depression and anxiety at bay. With the medication and therapy, I feel really well at the moment. I got a letter through the post this morning saying that upon completion of my course of CBT, I have been offered a place on the compassionate mind therapy group. I'm not too clued up on it, but I think it's about learning about how to be compassionate to oneself in order to deal with life on a day to day basis. I am quite surprised I have been offered a place on this group as I really wasn't expecting it and I'm really unsure on what to do about it. I feel well at the moment and I feel like I am being kind to myself (most of the time) so I am not sure that I need it, but on the other hand I fought so long and hard to get therapy in the first place that I feel like I would be biting the hand that feeds me and I'd look bad for not accepting a place on the group. Then there is arranging the time off work again, and this course is a lot longer than the previous course of therapy I had. So I am really unsure what to do and could do with a little bit of advice.
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    You've already achieved a lot Butterfly and maybe taking up the course would move you on further. You feel much better now but it might not last. I am sure you could try the group at least and if you are not getting anything out of it then don't carry on with it.

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    If you're on a positive road don't stop now. Reinforce your gains even if it costs you in time of work in the short term.