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    Just wish I didn't get out of bed today. Just seems like one thing after another. Kids fighting and not listening to me, my mind is still upset over the ultrasound and having to change things I eat, getting triggered by it, still depressed as usual, frustrated things aren't getting better for me emotionally, out of meds (Dr knows and working on fixing the problem), feel so alone.... so exhausted as usual (all the time ). Just want to sleep.
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    Ugggg.... everything seems like my fault on things. Vented to my husband on a few things and he said if he has to quit his job to take care of me he would. I told him I didn't want him doing that. Just hate always having problems. So wish I wasn't alive so I wouldn't be a burden. I hate always having problems. So over being this way. So exhausted.
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    Can't stop crying
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    Hugs - Thanks
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    It seems like yo have a supporting husband, try to think of positive things, as positive as you can, good memories of you kids, when they were babies, support of your husband, your own family that you have now.
    I wish you feel better soon, take care of yourself for you and your family :*
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