Before I Sleep

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    Before I Sleep

    Passersby revere the woods as lovely,
    then turning up their collars and lapels,
    thank god's grace for the warm fire
    and the worried heart
    that anxiously awaits them
    at the end of a windswept, icy trail.

    I know these woods too well to show deference,
    crushed by the darkness and trapped within its depths,
    endlessly circling
    in search of a marker to gather my bearings,
    but nothing is the same with each pass,
    except that I am lost.

    I chase mirages of life and light diffused through dense brush,
    never finding the periphery.
    Birches, beeches, maples, and oaks ensnare me with their roots,
    they twist their claws in my side,
    towering over me like those Krauts 'back east'
    and just as indifferent to my existence.

    Branches snap under the most delicate step; there is no climb.
    The forest has but one dimension, only one direction:
    infinitely deeper, ever farther away.
    As I stumble through the stygian blackness,
    eerie croaks, hoots, and howls give way to the most unsettling of sounds:
    absolute solitude.

    The universe is mute but for the crackle of dried leaves and twigs
    and the panicked thumping of my heart
    on my dreaded walk toward oblivion.

    I stopped at what seemed like a threshold,
    instinctively frozen in place,
    like an alley-cat cornered.
    Inevitable calamity awaited my next move.
    I aimed to cheat Fate,
    but standing still on a land-mine can only stall what's coming.

    And now, the void beckons me onward.
    With but one more promise yet to keep,
    the abyss looks long into my soul,
    and calls me to sleep.

    © Isaak
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