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before you end it .. maybe there's one last chance!

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when i was kid - teenager many times in my dreams I knew that am just dreaming and i will wake up soon so i decide to do somethings unusual during the dream and then i wake up ! .. i dont know why i had this dream many times probably because i am coward to do anything in my real life .. anyway...
if you lost hope and decide to end it am not gonna tell you life is perfect no its not especially because i found this site when i was looking for suicide methods .. but if you lost hope am gonna tell you that you have advantage no one ever have .. that you dont have anything to lose !! You can do anything you want because things will never ever get worst no matter what happend ! .. you can try to do anything unusual -- anything you were shy-scared-dont have guts to do .. you can do it now .. there is nothing to afraid from because you gonna end it anyway !! so nothing bad will happend .. no consequences .. no embarrassing .. No pain .. no worry !
if life get better that's good. if not then you always can back to your first plan but this time with better feeling that at least you tried everything possible.

think about it please .. and sorry if my english is not that good .. this is my first and last thread sorry am not gonna share things about my life because my problems is much more complicated and cant solve it be talking .. i wish you all happy life or a painless end .
bye ..Danniel

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Hi Danniel i hope you can stay and talk to us Maybe someone here can be helped can relate to what you are going through. Sometimes just talking getting out what is hurting us help. I hope you stick around and not leave okay You can PM me anytime i like to get to know you a bit hugs
hey can't say that we could solve your problems, but if you would feel better to post here please do!

maybe you will have thousands of posts here and everyone here will become your friends


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