before you forgot

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    take me back to the start, she said.
    i just want to be free, again.
    sitting here crying, in a smoke filled room.
    i dont know what to do, i am lost, without you.
    listening to music that makes the tears flow.
    searching for answers, why did you go?
    what was so wrong with me,
    i tried to be everything that i ever possibly even thought i could be.
    i dont do anything anymore but sit here alone.
    high off the drugs,
    looking for your attention but you dont even shrug.
    i would do anything to go to the beginning.
    before it all got fucked up.
    i know i fucked up.
    i admit i fucked up... but everybody fucks up.
    shoould that render me unacceptable?
    she fucked up but you took her back in a heartbeat.
    i guess my heart took the back seat.
    just tell me why, why dont you love me?
    i would give anything, just to be free again.
    i am held captive by the love i am not getting.
    they say that time heals all wounds...
    i say thats not true.
    because i still cry myself to sleep at night with thoughts of you...
    and its been two years.
    and they say that sometimes letting go makes you stronger.
    and i guess thats ok because you dont want me any longer,
    and im sick and tired of fighting for someone who isnt fighting back.
    but i would do anything to go back to the start.
    before you ever forgot.
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Not open for further replies.