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Beginning Of My End

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I'm sure when I was born, it was to punish me for something that I have done before I even knew what is was!!

(Now you think this guy is really crazy)

May be your right! To give you a idea why I say so:

1. My best vriend died of cancer when I was 8 years old.
2. When I was about 9 years old a close "Vriend" to my family sexually molested me.
3. I went into business with some "vriends" that I trusted and wanted to help them and they screwed me big time!! Now I ow half of every one money I dont have.

Fuck I enjoy life! Sometimes I feel I can kill myself and the next moment I feel fuck that, I should be killing these fucking pricks!!

So is there any one out there that have lots of money to help me before I kill or be killed or just wanting to share there misrable life with me!

Thank you!!

May you have a great life!


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Take a look around the forum. You'll find people who have experienced torture in their own lives too. You can cope. Hope you find solace. All the best.


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hey hear you loud and clear friend....you feel like life has really given you a bad deal....and you have had some terrible things happen....so sorry....for loosing your friend, :hug: ....believe me so many of us can share your feelings.....lean on us....lets see if together we cant come up with some ideas, I mean it, thiers lots of help out there......take care friend...please stick it out...we can help....
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