Beginning of the End

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    So I have been homeless for about a week now. Great times, meeting people you dont know asking for a place to stay, hoping to whatever god cares to not listen to not get raped again. Sleeping with one eye open whether it be in my car on a park or in a random man's house that smiles when you plead for help. Ever broke into someone's house to just stay warm for the night, because outside was too cold, and you cant risk getting sick? Fun times..

    But this rant isnt because of that..It is because of the one person who will pay, because it is his fault I am here..

    It all started on Nov. when I moved into a little apartment with a roomate, but I told this person come early week Apr I am leaving the apartment for somewhere else. I payed my deposit and gave him the understanding since we didnt have to pay the first month, this deposit was my last month's rent. He nodded and agreed, blah bla blah..

    Any way..Come last Feb he begins to ask me for rent for Mar..I confusingly asked him what about our agreement before? I know he didnt forget about it seeing as he tells me his plans for my room when i am gone t least once every week since then..and every time I ask him not til Apr right? He always nodded and says "yeah dude of course..blah.."

    So we begin to fight..and violently coming to an inch of killing each other..after all this, I just give and say fine..I leave this place. I am usually a very peacful person to humans in general...but this kid with all our history..with this betrayal..I am certain I am going to ruin his life for doing this to me..He will be the misfortunate soul to feel my anger, he will lose his job, his apartment, his freedom when I am done..and I feel nothing..

    I know I shouldnt, or at leas feel conflicted...but I dont..and after this hell he has put me through, he will know hell with me and we can share this place together unlike before..except here, our rent will be the end of things and the arguments will end in our blood.
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    sorry to hear about your problems. you are typing from a computer, so i assume things have gotten somewhat better since the scenario you described. be safe and hugs.
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    A man I just met let me into his house for a couple of days for some things...I wont be here tomorrow, or near a computer, might try the library maybe depends on some things
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    ah hope you can hang out at the library get some thoughts out of your head. i hope you can get into shelter or ask community agency what they have for you churches in the area might give yousome ideas too.