Being bullied in a building for PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES!

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It's pretty horrible, being in a building where EVERYONE has various disabilities, and I'm getting bullied. Why would disabled people target another disabled person?! You would think they know exactly what it feels like to be targeted and made fun of.

I spoke about it to my building case manager, but I'm having so much trouble coping. It's not just one person now, it's several. My case manager told me today that they may force me to go to a psych ward, but for now I don't have to. Though I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen. I'm so sick of suffering. I love my apartment, but I have to leave it now and then! I get harassed just trying to get my needs met.


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Hi Candlelight - that's crap. Everyone has the right to feel safe and as a disabled person you're protected by the law - it doesn't matter who's bullying you. Is there a friend or someone in your apartment building you can call on when you feel threatened? Bullies only do what they do because they think they can get away with it - if they start getting consequences for their actions you'll find they stop.


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Wow late to this thread. I apologize @CandleLight for not responding earlier.

What kind of bullying are they doing just curious so I can give you some suggestions how to handle it so you don't lose the apartment as it was a while before you were able to get it for your needs.

Big hugs and I hope they all started to back off and leave you alone by now.
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