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Being bullied

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I'm very close to snapping and becoming homicidal
And killing a couple of people at my work. It's not who i am but it plays over and over in my head. If he would admit treating me and other coworkers unfair and about his lying too, In front of every one I won't shoot, but also it's already been built up. And I don't have any self esteem left from how he treats me and other co workers! Everyone dislikes him but I'm the only one who has to directly deal with him he's my boss. My coworkers tell my they feel sorry that I have him as my boss. And if it where them they would have walked of the job.


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Hey, I know what it's like to feel singled out and brought down at work...ugghh...so I feel very badly for you. But I'm worried that you think you might snap and become violent. I'm hoping that is just you saying you're "feeling" that frustrated, not that you would actually do anything. Please reassure me that you won't do anything to anyone, (including yourself).

Have you gone to any of the websites out there about bullying? Google bully, bullying, workplace bully, and you should find some helpful sites - at least you will find that you aren't alone. Some of the sites have suggestions for what you can do about the situation. Usually it comes down to sticking it out and trying to ignore the person(s), "succeeding in spite of the bully", or finding a new job without a bully.

Thinking of you and hoping things settle down for you.
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