Being Genuine in a Duplicitous World

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    I can be called many things, but two-faced isn't one of them. I sit and watch women I work with pretend to like an individual to her face and then turn around and talk trash about her behind her back. One day saying, "I wouldn't eat those cupcakes she made. She's nasty. Have you noticed her fake fingernails?" Then in front of her not only eat the damned thing but go on about how great it tastes. I work with these people and thought they were my friends. Now, all I can think about is what the hell are they saying about me behind MY back?! I teach with these people and sit and listen to the horrible comments they make about our students. If these children's parents knew the opinions some of these so-called professionals have, they would be appalled. They call these children idiots, turds, wackos, and dummies and complain about how much they HATE them. People are so phony. I am so sickened by the life I have to lead at work that teaching is no longer a joy. Not because of the kids, but because of the adults who are supposed to be kind, caring, and helpful. I'm trapped for now and have no way out of this situation for many reasons. In sixteen months I will have several bills paid off. Hopefully, I can make a change then, but in the mean time I must endure this crap. Only 8 weeks of summer vacation this year and it will be spent dreading going back. A cheating, lying husband who pretends to love me at home and backstabbing haters at school. God help me. It's enough to say I'm done.
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    concentrate on the children hun ok I hate it too when the teachers all seem so concerned abt my child when in fact they just talked trash too but then you meet teachers that did care and it is those teachers hun that help my child see there was kindness and understand You be one of those teachers ok and don't associate with the ones that are bad mouthing the children hugs to you
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    Thank you. Today was the students' last day. Getting hugs from the ones who really struggled to keep their behavior in check or to keep up their grade helped. One who was suspended for a semester for bringing a weapon meant the most. I know I reached him in some way because he knew I cared about him. Another who was a problem for others behaved for me because he knew that even though I didn't put up with unacceptable actions, I still was there to help him when he needed it. I must keep telling myself that they are the ones who matter. It's just hard when I'm so depressed and meds don't work. To be honest everyday for the past two weeks has been a struggle to make it. I'll keep trying though. Two more days for me then a break.