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    i actually want to become more healthy. but sadly im am very lazy. so i chose to work on the way i eat.
    so far i started with cutting out soda and drinking alot more water .... what is the next step from there?? :mhmm:
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    You could try using sweetners in tea and coffee, also don't fry anything, use the grill instead. :)
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    I've been reading up on this recently and apparently, you should divide your consumption into thirds.

    1st third--fruits and vegetables.
    2nd third- unrefined carbohydrates (breads, rice, pasta noodles, potato)
    Final third- meat, dairy and a small amount of junk food.

    I think a lot of people (like me) tend to eat meat with every meal but really you only need to eat it about 3 times a week-- and not in large quantities. And when you do eat it, it's probably better to avoid red meat for the most part and focus on chicken and fish.

    So yeah, focus on eating good bread/rice/potato with some coloured fruits and veggies every day, and then with everything else try to limit yourself to no more than a few times a week and you'll probably start feeling better. Also, eat more reasonable amounts… I started having problems recently and a lot of that was due to the fact that I was eating wayyy too much (I'm single so I feel like I have to eat everything up to prevent waste, but it's actually really unhealthy to do that).

    A lot of the food that you can find in the store like sauces and stuff has a lot of sodium in it that will not make you feel good if you eat too much of it-- I've just kind of started myself but I think that if you want to eat healthier you have to really take an interest in what's in all of the foods you're eating… so yeah, if you just look in your cupboards right now, check the ingredients and start looking them up you'll probably be able to identify which foods are probably making you feel like crap and need to go, which ones you should cut down on, and which ones are okay.

    You should also make sure you watch cholesterol and fat content of your meals-- and make sure you know the difference between good and bad versions and how much you need. It's also not really an exact science because with food you're talking about chemical reactions and some foods can cancel the harmful effects of others out… but I think it's probably best just to stick to bread and veggies.
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    Walking helps too, it's not too much exercise, so it will be easy. It's good to eat things like chicken instead of red meat because it's a lot less fat. If you eat eggs only eat the white part. The cholesterol is mostly in the yellow of the egg and that can be unhealthy. I heard a lot of protein is good too.
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    if you are looking for a way to lose weight there are two ways

    Eat less or healthier at least
    Move more

    If you do a combonation of both this is great for you. Even if you are not looking for weight loss this is a great start. As wittysarcasm said, walking is a great start. you dont need to go to the gym and use all the funky machines, or try running many miles on your first day. take a walk around the block, or park everyday. when you are no longer tired by this, try a few blocks, or a couple laps around the park. taking an animal companion or a friend sometimes helps make these walks enjoyable for some.

    also, try looking for complex carbohydrates, and not simple, fast burning carbs. Complex carbs take more time for your body to break down, and enter your blood stream slower. this is much healthier, and is one reason why diabetics are much better off eating a potatoe, than a piece of candy. some examples of replacing fast burning carbs with complex ones is instead of eating boxed cereal in the morning, try eating an apple. this apple has more nutrients for you, and the carbs are not processed and much more complex (no matter what the cereal box says! they will say 9 vitamins and minerals and all that stuff, but an apple is sitll much better). you dont have to completely give up your cereals or candies, or things such as, just try to slowly cut down.

    take care

    Ps: if you care about the carb thing here is a great link:
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    There are some simple exercises you can do at home which doesn't even involve going to the gym; like planks, lunges, squats, leg lifts, crunches, modified pushups (SO much easier than regular pushups), and the list goes on and on. You only need a little bit of space around you, 5-20 minutes to dedicate, and you can burn a pretty substantial amount of calories and get more fit.

    Also, maybe parking further away from the store so you have to walk a longer distance, take walks around your neighborhood (if you live in a good one that isn't sketchy/shady), or take a dog out for a walk. It's extremely demotivating to do any sort of exercise while being lazy, but if you can do it for a few weeks, you can adjust to it and make it a part of your lifestyle.
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    I normally concentrate on consuming excellent bread/rice/potato with some colored fruit and vegetables every day, and then with everything else try to restrict yourself to no more than a few periods per weeks time and you'll probably begin sensation better. Also, eat more affordable amounts…....
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    If you find doing the healthy thing hard work. Try starting simple, a few idea's;

    Cut out processed food, microwave meals etc.
    Buying fresh fruit and vegtables
    Try no takeaways
    Whole wheat products instead of white flour ones.
    Prepare healthier meals/snacks in advance to save you reaching for less healthy products.

    Hopefully you manage to make a few changes.
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    Some of the best advice I've heard to get started comes from Michael Roizen's Real Age Makeover

    I'm not pushing the book or DVD on anyone, but I think reading some comments on the material might convince you that there are some simple things that can make a HUGE difference.

    If you are capable of physical activity then I suggest 30 minutes of brisk walking every day with no excuses for weather. Dr. Roizen insists that you need to do a solid 30 minutes every day, and on a schedule if possible. He continues to insist that you must do this each day and you only need 30 mins. He repeats and clarifies, not 1 hour every other day, or any other combination of minutes and days, but 30 minutes every day.

    When I tried this routine the first time I was about 40lbs overweight, had been smoking 20+ cigarettes a day, almost exclusively eating fast food and drinking regular soda only (occasionally tea and coffee as well). I had been on a destructive diet for about 4 months after losing my job because of emotional stress and angry outbursts at work. One day I realized how sick I was and that I might die in my sleep (an overreaction, but I was clearly messed up, swollen, sickly, isolated).

    If you give it an honest effort you might begin to see the value of protecting your only permanent physical asset -YOU. Start with the walking and the potential to push yourself further will build. Maybe the walking will make you crave more water instead of soda. Perhaps the energy and excitement from walking (excitement of doing something beneficial) will help you make more conscious and thoughtful decisions about foods you consume.

    One thing I have to beat into my own head is this idea: When you dont drink a soda or smoke a cigarette you are NOT denying yourself something you want, instead remember that you are giving yourself a gift of free health.

    Some days I wonder why I pay to treat myself so badly. Walking is free, for now, in most countries.