being homeless is great.

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    Got into an argument with my family, chosed to move out. desperately looking for work. penniless, living at friends at the moment, luckily my pops have an apartment that i can live in for the time being, but i don't want to live there, rather in my car. i enjoy the experience of being homeless, except i haven't showered for a while and i am quite dirty. i won't have much access to cable tv/ internet. no more netflix either, darn. i've never felt so good! and that's not sarcasm. i feel neither sad nor joy, but i feel i'm in control of my life. the school is like my home, i use their facilities and pcs. it's amazing how easy it is to survive with just the car and gasoline, and a GPS system. scored a 50 on my geology lab test. but the completion of a report paper can add 15 points to my test grade, which will pass me at a 65. people say i smell like alcohol even though i haven't been drinking. i guess appearance can have an effect on scent. peace to all!
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    well so long as you arent too hungry, good for you! sounds amazing
  3. A new sense of freedom I suppose. Sounds intrigueing. I've always suspected that I might end up homeless too someday, given all my inclinations and ways of thinking.

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    :unsure: :huh: Man, that's cool if you are alright with that.

    All I can say is wait until the summer, and ya need the fire plug opened, and have to beg a piece of soap. Not fun.

    YOu are making the best of it though so carry on. Hope you are well. By the way I don't have a car. Never had cable. I lived in a doorway for a little over a month though. Not fun.
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    i think thats AWSOME im 14 though and dont have the balls to move out...mostly because im a girl...but still all i want is some efing controll over my life!
  6. TheBLA

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    I don't think I could ever handle it, I'm just an all around weakling anyways but it does sound a bit adventerous and exciting if you ask me. :smile:
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    I was homeless for a year when i was 18/19.

    Had some fun times, but also some horrible times, like being pissed over as i lay in a doorway or being punched for asking for money.