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  1. I had these two really close friends at school, both guys, and for a while they were almost like brothers to me.. But this girl that I've never really got along with and who has hurt me several times in the past is now stalking them practically. She dated both of them, and the first one she went out with, who she is now stalking the most, got dumped by her and now doesn't really like her. And the second one dumped her because she wasn't nice to him; she basically ignored his existance. But now she's following them around and I'm being forgotten... I had this small sanctuary in their friendship and now I feel like it's been ripped away from me, and she's in it.
    I just don't know what to do..
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    Have you tried talking to your friends? do they get on with her? perhaps they're a bit overwhelmed with the fact this girl is stalking them both and don't mean to make you feel left out. communication is the key here, hope it all works out. :hug:
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    they probably don't realise what's happening beby, or that it's affecting you, unless you have spoken to them about it.. and it really depends on what kind of guys they are and whether or not they'd be understanding about it, or see where you're coming from. she sounds like a short term obstruction to your relationship with them, shes screwed both of them over, i doubt they'll put up with her being around for much longer xxx
  4. They're both really nice guys. And I know that they are getting annoyed about her, and I've tried talking to them but it's getting quite difficult with her always there.. I've had to resort to writing notes because it's the only way to get anything past her.
    The problem with them being so nice is they don't want to hurt anyone so they'd never tell her to go away, and if I said anything to her it'd be putting them in a really awkward position... Which I don't really want to do =/
    It's tempting to slap her at times, especially as she has been copying me a little recently, but I thought it'd ended.