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Being told you're too thin?

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Does anyone else know they look better a few pounds heavier but still get a rush from being told they look sick, tired, and too thin?

I don't know why this is.


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I think so.
It's not so much a rush for me but that people are noticing maybe.
I don't know.
I've lost 10 pounds in the last week but have a history with anorexia/bulimia that has been stable for about 4 years. I'm just crashing and I don't care so I'm losing the weight.
It's control for me and I know it. Yes, I felt fat so that's there too but mostly

So i'm not sure it's the same for me as you.
Maybe you could explain more about how you feel about it?


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Yeah I know what you guys mean. It's mostly that I am afraid that I get joy from being told that, even if I look bad, and that it's self-destructive to show my inward sickness by taking it out on my body.


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I lost ten kilos!

I've always been tall and thin - not 'thin' in a bad looking sense - maybe like Bruce Lee at his finest! He was skinny - but would you argue?

I've never really put weight on apart from drinking. but with drinking all day - its not just weight you carry.

So - I'm looking for any ideas to put weight on.

Or shall I just sneak a 20 kilo weight as I get weighed next time?

Then turn up 3 days later and scare the doc with a staggering weight loss!:smile: :huh:
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