Being unable to go to work?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Screaminginsilence, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Screaminginsilence

    Screaminginsilence Well-Known Member

    I mean seriously, not wanting to pull a sickie to spend the day with chocolates and DVD's...

    Waking up in the morning and just not wanting to go to work. I'm beginning to get like this, i can't speak to my boyfriend about it as i'm scared of worrying him

    I had a one 2 one at work and they have asked me to take a week off because i've worked non stop since last June and i am really stressed and tired. But at the moment i hate my job, the way things are there i just dont want to go in

    My brains telling me to shut up and keep going but i've genuinley had enough and i am considering walking even though it will financially fuck me up

    Sorry to ramble, i really wanted to try and talk to my bf about it but after being ignored all day as he has a really stressful job, expecting a nice chat this evening and getting nothing and with it being nearly 1am UK time i could just sit here and cry.

  2. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    It's okay, helps to ramble.:cool: Was somewhat in your situation a little over a year ago, my bosses told me to take a 'sick leave' to work on my 'problems', I too for so many years worked too hard and didn't take all the time off I was entitled to. After I came back though worked a few months and went back out on a sick leave, came back once again, worked 5 weeks and then quit, some of it was me and my problems and the rest just couldn't take the job anymore.:mhmm:
    It is nice sitting home and watching DVDs, being on the internet, etc, just makes it tougher to get back, I've been out for 6 months now with zero income so my finances are slowly dwindling, I'm clueless what I'm gonna do, not a nice feeling.:sad:
    I would suggest to try to suck it up for a while, perhaps until you can get another job, but if your job is that bad it's not worth staying, you'd only make your condition worse and perhaps leave under without a good recommendation. Sorry if that's not a great help, had my own ramble in there too....don't know what you do, is there a chance to do a different job there, perhaps something like that would help, oh well, come back and let us know what's going on.:victory:
  3. lachrymose27

    lachrymose27 Well-Known Member

    exactly how i've been feeling for the past month. i don't know how to deal with it except go to work and give off an awkward presence, its a terrible feeling
  4. Fitzy

    Fitzy Well-Known Member

    I recognise that feeling. I started out taking odd days off - I just wanted to stay under my duvet and do nothing. I ended up taking 6 months off ( the max before half pay kicked in). I didn't want to do anything - wash dress or eat. The irony is that I felt loads better when I went back to work.
    Depression is so debilitating but the best thing I did was talk to my boss and see my doctor. X
  5. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    I finally had to start taking vacations; even unpaid ones. They made a big difference for me. I had kids to support so quitting was not an option.

    One of the ways I tried to work as long as possible was to have a 3 day weekend once a month. I could do that because I was a hard worker and had things caught up and well organized, complete with charts on how to do tasks.

    Maybe your boss will let you do that when you return?

    I hope you feel better.

  6. Screaminginsilence

    Screaminginsilence Well-Known Member

    I have asked to go part time, but we are so understaffed at the moment i think they will deny me - even though they agreed to it in December

    I am sick and tired of the way things are for me and i think it's getting on top of me. I'm 70 miles from my boyfriend and friends living with my family who i hate, in a job thats stressful and has massive daily office politics

    I get little time to relax, i'm either at work or running home to see my boyf and his family (who i love!) when he has a stressful job so is overworked also

    I think i have gone beyond the point of wanting to commit suicide, i'm just fed up with everything. My boyf knows this and we are saving for a house, i am looking for a job to come home to

    Perhaps this is just a rant but i've been on/off meds, had counselling, lost weight, gained weight, been made redunant twice and seem to have exhausted every option available to me for depression treatment i'm beginning to give up - on everything

    Thank you for replying, i'm glad i'm not alone. No one i know really seems to understand, i guess because they don't live with it, but then i'm fed up with feeling like the only person who actually understands my depression

    I don't want to be dead, don't get me wrong. I want to be with my bloke, friends, living together, engaged, married, pregnant - but is it ever going to happen, will i ever be happy?
  7. lachrymose27

    lachrymose27 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried bringing it up again since they 'agreed' to it last december? I hope you will pull through. It's not a good feeling to feel overwhelmed with stuff... not being able to live your life as you want to live it. Hope things go better for you.
  8. thejayway

    thejayway New Member

    Hey I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can relate. I have a sales job and loathe every waking minute of it. When I 'work from home' i stuff my face, spend money and sleep then feel worse because i am struggling to keep up with the demands of the job. I've never enjoyed any job I have ever done in the last 20 years but keep thinking that if could enjoy work my life would be better.

    I changed my name to dis-associate myself from my family such is the ill blood. I've no 'get up a go' for anything, my health is not great, I'm going through a divorce, debts are racking up at a scary rate. I day dream constanly about being dead and how i that could happen and yet I still think that I'd rather not be dead as such but somehow be happy and content instead but have no idea how that can happen for me. I bumble on from day to day in a random daze with small highs usually associated to short lived stimulants or spending sprees followed by more daze.
    So I feel for you, I'm not sure what the answer is but if you're anything like me at all you're in some sort of inbetween world, a life of limbo but the hope is that answer will be there some day. Maybe like blind person hoping in vein that medical science will eventually find a cure.

    Hold on girl, just hold on
  9. Nima

    Nima Well-Known Member

    You've been working non-stop since June because when you work you don't think about what is directly bothering you work takes your mind off of this. I understand all of that but you do need to talk to a *Professional* and see what he/she has to say and what they can do to help you deal with what you're going through. But I'm glad your Managers/Supervisors saw that you were going through something and didn't just ignore you like your BF did.
  10. LillMy8989

    LillMy8989 Well-Known Member

    I dont fukn have a job to go to , cause I AM CRAZY!!!!(teh society likes normal ones!!)

    There IS okay to take care of ourselves , AND ONLY!!!
  11. Screaminginsilence

    Screaminginsilence Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your replies peeps, i really appreciate it!

    I had a week off, it was my first day back today. If anything its made me realise how much i loathe my job - the people are great, but the job itself is awful.

    2 people have been sacked from work in the last 2 weeks. They come into work, the managers scurry off for little meetings, then the people are called in, sacked because they have the wrong 'skill sets' for the jobs, then leave red faced and upset.
    When in reality they are thrown in at the deep end with insufficent training.

    We are hugely understaffed and under pressure, expected to work compulsory overtime and take non stop shit from the general public. Please don't get me wrong, if it was shit for a valid reason - then fine. But the things i hear are so petty, it really is trying my patience.

    The team get told off for things that really shouldn't matter, we are so fed up

    Throw in some Prozac related insomnia - and your right, Jayway, being stuck in limbo for 18 months now, plus work, living with a family i cannot fucking stand i really HATE MY LIFE




    I am considering going back to a counsellor, but i have lost hope with everything. I've been through most meds available, counselling, but seriously, i think i'm just unhappy with where i am in my life and the most frustrating things is i really cannot do anything more than i am doing to help myself.

    I had a job interview last week for one closer to home, where me and my bloke can live together and be happier together

    .... but then i asked him to marry me on Friday and he said no. 7 years we had been together, i asked him on our anniv and he said no

    Where the fuck do i go now?

    Do i continue waiting for him to ask me, does it really matter if we aren't engaged as our relationship is pretty solid

    Seriously, wtf?????

    Help :(:unsure:
  12. Screaminginsilence

    Screaminginsilence Well-Known Member


    I resigned from my job after finding out i got the job i went for

    So i have 20 days left in my crap job, 23 til i start my new job

    More importantly i get to go home back to wales after being in this shithole for the past 18 months!!!

    Yay! :bubble::sparkle::bubble::sparkle::bubble::sparkle:
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