Beloved Evil

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  1. Lune Bleue

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    ... It's probably too vague for anyone to even get what I'm talking about ("she" isn't a person). Here it goes nonetheless. I'm not very talented so sorry if it's bad.

    The world that hurt me fades away like a dream I can't remember.
    The broken muse warned me, and yet I reached the dream.
    This land, forgotten even by god surely is paradise.

    The angel and the demon became humans, leaving their wings behind.
    The survivor paid back his debt to the world and was forgiven.
    The beast found his prey, but instead they became friends.
    The noble hero remained true, yet no one could see his joy.
    The blazes of death changed into gentle nostalgic snow.
    The broken muse was repaired, yet remained silent.
    Then I noticed her dying heart reflected in my own.
    I finally see the snow-covered world.

    The angel falls into hell, and the demon fades away.
    The survivor leaves, laughing and is forgotten.
    The prey becomes the hunter, and is her enemy.
    The noble hero still remains true, and is also her enemy.
    The nostalgic snow melts into rain and creates a swamp.
    The muse scorns me with pity as it is drowned in it.
    She holds my hand and tells me she is in heaven.
    The needles in me tells me this is exactly her hell.

    I gather my shards simply so I can embrace her.
    A whirlwind of guilt and happiness spirals.
    Our silent tears drowns the rest of the universe.
    I stare in her soul and become afraid.
    Even in this chaos we remain in harmony.

    I'm so afraid to take a step, everything is so cold.
    I was never in hell. I was never in heaven.
    They were dreams giving me their cruel kisses.
    There is only one path I can climb.
    If I take one step the world will be destroyed.
    If I take a second step I will be destroyed.
    If I take a third one, will it be her turn?
    I am already defeated, but I can't stop it.
    I want to be with you, my beloved evil.
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I beg to differ, I think you have a great talent in writing. :) Thank you for posting, I liked reading it.
  3. Zaheer

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    still trying to decode it
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