Benefits of exercising at certain times

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    I've looked all over the interwebs, but I keep finding only marginally related articles. Here's what I'm wondering:

    Will exercise before bed increase your metabolism, ie the number of calories you normally burn while sleeping?

    I understand that exercise burns calories no matter when you do it, and that exercising before bed carries the risk of keeping you up. BUT, as someone who is trying to eat/be healthier and lose a couple of pounds, I'm wondering if some walks or short jogs before bedtime might not help give that extra little bump we often need to get rid of some pesky weight.

    Personally, I think that it should cause me to burn (marginally) more calories whilst sleeping, but I'm having a hard time finding evidence to back it up. Thoughts?
  2. FBD

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    i dont have evidence for you right now, but i have heard from some of my health nut friends that exercising in the morning before you have breakfast is best. this is because you use energy from fat and other stores and not from recently consumed food.

    as for exercising at night, i believe it was use calories consumed from dinner/other meals, and exercising does give you energy so it will likely keep up.
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    I've also seen lots written that exercise is not good before bed because it will keep you awake..
    and Ive heard that not getting enough sleep slows down the metabolism.
    I went to a talk on sleeping better a while a go and she reccomended no exercise before bedtime...
    also if your're trying to lose weight eat large meal at breakfast and lunch and light meal at dinner..which also helps you sleep better
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    It does!!

    If you do find a time of day thats best for exercising do let me know. The remains of my beer gut is something I hate about myself that I CAN change. :laugh:
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    I strongly doubt there are any metabolic differences depending on when you exercise, not even including eating (because exercise burns glucose then glucagon then fat, nothing to do with food in the stomach).

    Evening has the disadvantage of waking you up... Morning has the advantage of waking you up.
  6. XchaosX

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    I heard flax seed helps. I also recommend consistently changing up what you eat.
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    I remember from psychology A-level that the best time to exercise is late afternoon (4-6pm ish), when your body temperature is the highest or something and so your blood the thinnest. I can't guarantee this is entirely accurate though!
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    It doesn't matter, focus on what is important instead of gimicks.
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    Listen to your own body - and as for exercising last thing at night - I could think of one that would make you sleep :tongue:

    I exercise when I feel like it - sometimes morning, afternoon or night.

    I aim for a certain amount of reps - I mean if a man my age can do 10 pull ups on a bar he is on good shape! I've seen 20 yr olds struggle to do 10!

    I have no equipment just an old bullworker 30 years old - still works!

    And the rest - I use a mop handle - wooden, this enables me to exercise chest and arms - push ups - and raising your legs in the air when flat on the back - think that's the abs.

    Also - stretching exercises - like the Chinese - that helps keep you supple - and helps muscles stay hard and tight.

    I have no beer belly.

    You could punch me in my stomach and I'd not feel a thing.

    Well, most woman could punch me there.

    Might be a few handy lads here who would wind me - and that would hurt - not physically - just hurt my feelings!

    Oh - I walk also - I think I want to walk for a week across England.

    I'm actually getting back into exercise - takes me a week to look better - and then maybe someone can admire me. Apart from me - or as well as - lol.

    I think a man ought to do his best.

    There is a BIG link with diet, exercise and depression.

    You do not need some motivational speaker to get you into shape.

    The two main reasons are...



    The opposite sex.

    You don't anymore motivation!!!

    Good luck - keep it up!

    Lets kick some ar**!!

    Our ars*

    Yeeee fu**** haw!!!:canucks:

    Canada rocks!!!!