Benzo ‘withdrawal’

So yesterday I took a little teeny bit of a benzo... .25 ... first time I have taken it in a week. Made yesterday quite bareable. Nothing today and I feel like I could lose it. Why isn’t there a med out there that does the same damn thing. ‘Living’ like this’s been my same song since I have been on this site...vent over...


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.25 doesn't really do a whole lot, even if you have no tolerance for them. So honestly, that's probably just in your head that your day was suddenly bearable when you took it. It's basically the placebo effect. Happens to me all the time, though, so don't feel bad. I feel like crap and I take a little bit of something to feel better, and suddenly, I do. But that little bit shouldn't have made a difference, really, so I know that it was probably a mental thing.

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