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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Doors, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Its been five years but I still think about the guy, I dont see it in a bad light as previously, I dont see it as a selfish idea. Obviously I wish he was still here but obviously it was his choice and he dealt with it in his way and there's nothing that can change that. I think about the good times and as people tend to forget about him I still have those few friends that I have the ability to talk about him, shed a tear and still be understood. Days have gone by and areas and people dont tend to be refered back to him but only the good parts are remembered.

    I remember being sad he was gone as everyone who dealt with it should have, on reflection its a personal accomplishment as people may understand what your going through but people dont really understand the experiences you shared as they are unique

    People will always be missed but, people always want you to succeed in life and will always be there to support, even if they are not physically around.

    Thanks :)
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    Hi of my best friends died 2 months ago, and I still miss him all the time...glad you have turned the corner on that and you can remember the good times...I am sure he would have wanted it that way...may that continue and hoping you live a fulfilled life in his memory...I am trying to do the same, as difficult as it is...big hugs and sorry for your loss, J
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    Thanks Sadeyes

    I understand missing them all the time, It never really dissappears as you obviously care about the person so much. As I began to see the positive sides of it all and with time I believe you will also :). Its a difficult thing you deal with but those special moments will be what you remember them by in the end.

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    Thanks to you Doors...It's a toss up, but I think Waiting for The Sun is my fav Doors song...of course Riders On The Storm is up there...Morrison Hotel [1970] is my fav you said, everything is tempered with your friend's memory, and each day, I try to think what he would want for me and place a little of his love in my life...and yes, it hurts, as he was the one who helped me be in this world and treat myself well...hope your pain fades but your memories remain...J
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    Hey Doors,

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    I just wanted to say i love the doors.

    Crystal ship, The End, People are strange, Love Street, all great songs...