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    O M G!!!! today, my daughter had the best insult for me, that I have ever heard. We were talking about the differences between men and women. (We have this long running debate about a man , and his armpit hair being used to attract the ladies. =) ) We talked about men being stronger than women. How a man's mind is like a waffle, it has different spots in it for different things and some of them are empty. Womens mind are like a ball of yarn, everything is connected. Somehow , I told her I was not a mind reader, only girls were mind readers. She didn't miss a beat and replied "You have the boobs to be a girl" My mouth drops open, she leans back in her chair and pops her bra straps at me, "You can't hang with me son" LOL All I could do was shake her hand and admit defeat.
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    Oh the words that come out of the mouth of the young! LOL.
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    Hahaha very good!! No comeback for that :p
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    That's just hilarious!!
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