Bestfriends you cant trust .

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    She had this dream to meet the most amazing guy . It finally came true && she wanted to make him happy soo she didnt smoke. But just the other day she smokes weedd! like wtf. Sh e broke that promise with her boyfriend. && she thinks i trust her! SIKE? I told her something && she goes on facebook && puts it as her status afteri told her it was a secret. hmm . Idk what to do . she is the best person to be around but she can be trusted. She nearlly took my boyfriend over the summer && still thinks she has a chance with him. Im so tired of fakess ! I cant believe my friend would do all this ! urghh . idk what to do about someone i care so much about her but she is a compulsive liarr . :/
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    Hi S and they say, trust is earned, and you have to decide if she has earned it...only you know her well also have to make sure you do not deserve the best and trusted friends...welcome again, J
  3. Squishy1208

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    I know that . The best is what people need. && the thing is she is always there for mee. but i just cant trust her in anyway . Do i tell her about how i dont trust her orr do i just stick it out??
  4. LipsOfDeceit

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    Telling her directly that you don't trust her would be a little harsh. Maybe you can ask her why she did those things to you and tell her how you feel about it.
  5. NoMoneyToPlease

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    You gotta walk away from this person.

    They are kaput to you as far as you should be concerned.

    Trust me,this is good advice coming from one who knows.

    Only too well.

    About this kind of thing.

    Good luck.:pinkrose: