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    Once lost
    Twice lies
    The sun goes down
    On you and I

    Frightened heartbearer fights for this loathsome flag
    Turn around
    Say the wrong thing
    Love crashes down, from where it sagged

    Beaten, shackled and strangled
    A feather of mocking love does it dangle
    Won’t you fight back?
    Goads black
    As my soul he does mangle

    Water can’t hurt fish

    Still you stomped on me
    Infidelities burn this puppet
    I hugged close this black stabber
    Was not surprised by its jabber
    Scolded, crawling, this love was my last wish
    He’ll serve me battered on a dish

    You are my second time crime
    Going rate for a pocketed pure heart?
    Your greatest secret and your past
    Love melts to coinage
    Spent on grass

    And love?
    Is that what you thought, o spindly dove?
    We were fake
    Black cheated with white
    I can’t stand the sight
    Tell me all of what you’re feelin’
    Just take this watch and leave me bleeding
    My heart annihilated
    Your monies feeding

    ~ Muffin
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.