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Better, for a change.

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Well, for the first time in two weeks I am feeling somewhat cheerful. It is quite a pleasure, after the dark days of the last few weeks. While I certainly do not see an end my myriad of problems, they just seem to matter a little bit less today. I am going to take a shower and go out shopping. Have to buy a few items, then I am going to make something.

Hey, thanks for all the support that you have given me. I will be back in touch later.


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Well, I finished my shopping. Now I am going to put something together as a surprise for my family. I am sure they will all appreciate it.


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That's good, Hope you have fun!

I always found I could drop back down so quick from only 1 thing that I didn't expect, or from doing too much that day, so just don't push too much of yourself even tho u have all this new feeling good energy. :hug:

Just be good to yourself. :)

And take care! :hug:
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