better off dead

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Why do you say that? You know, if you are horrible person, you wouldn't be on this forum "admitting" it. We all have flaws, the only horrible people are those that don't admit them.
There is no why to her being horrible because she isn't. She is a very caring loving helpful person, she just feels bad about herself like we feel about ours.

Michaella, you are a good person, and something would be missing and feel strange if you weren't hee or never born. You are a good person, the horrible thing is your illness that's the bad, evil thing is the sickness that effects all of us, don't let it win, you are going through a slump but it'll get better, I do that too, I am going through one right about now.....altho, I feel aeful and want to be in peace dying won't give it to me, never giving up and staying in recovery will.

You know I am here for you and I will message you on MSN, If you're not on I will just call you and annoy you..........NEVER GIVE UP HUN, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP TOO.....:hug:

:flowers: for you!



:lips: :wave:

thinking of you,
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