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Better Off Dead

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Well ,my 2 year marriage seems to be at almost an end. MY wife wants a trial separation, after cheating on me. I stuck with her through everything, just like my 3 other relationships. I have no money, defiantly none for a divorce, and this just adds one more thing that makes me not want to live. I have no will to live, I don't think I ever did. My parents abused me in most every way they could and got away with. They even took my cats, my 5 baby boys from me. I'll have to give up the two I have now because I don't expect my friend to watch them forever. My parents keep me apart from everything I love and makes me feel better. I'm still a slave to them, after all these years. Nothing has changed. I sacrifice, work hard, compromise..and it all ends up the same, and I end up right back with my parents. I pray for god to let me die every day. I need to take medicine just to stand my parents, but it doesn't seem to be helping my depression, because I have plenty to be depressed about.
well im no doctor, and certainly not intelligent. But what a world we live in? Certainly there can me some combination of medicine to make you feel better? I've found a combo that works for me, tho highly unorthidox, and definetly not legal - it keeps me alive for the time being, although long term it may be suicide. However i'd rather live happily for 10-20 years than live a undead zombie life for 67 years.


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Hmmm, well what is there left that you can do? Sounds to me like you let your depression be visible all the time. Maybe you should work on a mask, figuratively speaking, to fool people. That way you can get a job and start supporting yourself.... well that is what I do anyway.

just dont care

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Forgotten has a point a mask works really well i keep my depression hidden from everyone i know because i dont know how they will think of me. All they see is a happy me, but because you have a mask you should really stay here post and vent everyonce in a while because with a mask a lot of things build up and having a place to just vent always helps.


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Wow you have a load on you at the moment.

See a doc to treat the depression and pm me when and if u need.

Your comments on your parents really struck a chord with me.
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