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    From kinder to about 11th grade I was picked on. The first time I was bullied was when somebody pushed me to the ground and made me hit my head against a log. It fucking hurt like a bitch. In 1st...too personal. In 2nd some kid would always punch and kick me in class. My aunt was walking by because she worked there. He was punching me in the fucking ribs. And I wanted to ask for help but I couldn't. This bitch of a substitute teacher would always make fun of how I looked. Someone felt so bad that they offered to report her but I said no. In 3rd more head injuries and being choked. 4th I was just very angry and would get pissed for every little reason. 5th is when school and home shit bled together. Being kicked in the pelvic region, having glue put in my hair, gum put in my hair, and being pushed around a lot. 6th I met a big fat guy that eventually almost broke my arm in class and nobody did shit about it. These people would always try to make me cry but at that point I already knew that I would always be better than them because I was smarter. 7th more pushing and being tripped. 8th some bitch would always get this guy to try to beat me up and some douche would always try to take my money. It was fun when I would show that I had money at the beginning of the day and spend it really quick so when he got to me later there was none. Funny joke if you ask me. 9th was okay. 10th was when the goddess entered my life. At that time I was in a bad kids class because I wasn't social. Some of them would do the weirdest shit like flick saliva at me. They would also get pissed because I always got better grades than them. That made me feel ashamed of being smart for a while. 11th. My heart was slowly cracking from what the goddess was doing to me and the shit going on at home. 12th During a sexual harassment video, this idiot was flicking spit and feces at me. I was in so much shock I didn't believe it was happening. Is it because I'm better. I know it's because I'm better all the morons deserve to be put down like the useless dogs they are. They were so stupid it was pathetic. They couldn't read, spell, or do math. Well, fuck this rant.
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    Ugh, sorry you had to go through that hell. But you're right, you're way better than the people who picked on you and put you down.
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    Dam sounds like real shit. This is why I'd like to be home schooled but that won't happen :(. In a sense I know how you feel. But it's not to the extent you have experienced. It's more name calling on how I look for me. And kids stealing your stuff. So half the time I end up going to class without a pen and some paper and maybe some crappy colouring pencil I found around the school. It just picks at you. I don't see why people should be surprised when kids just break and go fucking nuts. It picks at your mind....slowly gnaws at you. Until you just don't take anymore. Then you just want them to die. Mind you I don't feel like this for all that long. Maybe a couple of seconds :tongue:. Guess we can all take comfort in the fact that we will all have the sensation of dieing; whether it be from yourself or uncontrolable forces. Mmmmm, I gotta get ready for school now. Fuck sake. So fucking annoying. 12 years you waste of your life. Waste of time.
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    rant at me anytime
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    Wow, WTF. Glad you made it through.
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    I am really sorry you had to go through all this. I know exactly how terrible you must have felt - for I made someone suffer in the same way for almost 2 years (I posted my confessions over in the bullying section of this forum). :blub: I am still trying to repair at least a part of the damage I have caused. And you are right: You are better than the bullies. You are stronger.
    You survived. You can certainly live without them - and you would have certainly lived a better life back then without them. The bullies on the other hand could not live without you back then - because without a victim a bully can no longer be a bully! In that sense you are also much, much stronger!
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    Oh liebe....:hug:
    :cheekkiss: :handinhand: