Beware of those who call them selfs friends

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Just-a-Nightmare, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Up until today I never thought about this, but I must be of somewhat sound mind to figure this out. Last year I came across a friends who was also a slef harmer. Well actually she was a supposed self harmer and she always had her life seem worse than it really was. But I fell for this act of hers and always helper her through her probems. Some I admit were real while other were exaggerated truths. She always threatened to kill herself, and always talk about harming in ways that would trigger me.

    I told her that I was attempting to stop and that I'd like her support. She agreed and said she supported me and hoped that one day I wouldn't cut. Truth was I was worse during that time then I had ever been. She would trigger me and I would feel like she was doing it on purpose.

    Then I told her that I was going to tell my parents because it was that bad and she basically told me it was a bad idea. That teling them would only make them mad at me and they might ignore my confession.

    Well imagine what I felt from that one of my closest friends someone I had known from sixth grade told me this. I had learned from others later that she did this to many people she learned self harmed. She would act as though she was supporting them, and then turn around and make them feel as if self harm was something to be ashamed of and telling would only make thigns worse.

    The next year and I see her in the hallways at school and I'm terrified that she'll say something to me and make me feel worthless. Misery likes company they say and I don't know her story as she always told half truths and whole lies.

    I'm warning other that there are people out there who you haev to be careful of. Naturally when someone shows exceptance of you and your problem you feel as though there the only one you can turn too. But if you feel like their trying to make you harm and are warping the world around you to make you feel like nothing, don't continue to stay with them.

    I feel like an idot now that I was around her for a whole year and thought it was just the world hating me instead of her. There are those who will try to hurt you when you are down.

    Becareful, not everyone is as honest as they seem even those who have know for some time. Stay safe friends and don't fall for these traps.

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  2. Terry

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    Yeah there are some sickos out there who get some satisfaction from life by playing on other peoples emotions and fears. A good warning to post.
  3. BrokenPieces

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    thank you...

    we all run into those problems... and people...

    i hope you are doing better now...

    Love BP
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