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beyond brokenhearted.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by theunkown, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. theunkown

    theunkown New Member

    It’s gotten to the point where I can’t put into words how much you’re making me hurt anymore. I don’t know how. Everything I do or say is never enough for you. I put my life into you. I gave you my heart. I trusted you. I was living a lie for over two and half years now. You’ve done everything in the book to hurt me. And till this day I’m by your side…when I shouldn’t be. You made me into a fool. I can hardly make it through another day. I cry so hard it hurts. I don’t sleep. I’m lonely. I want to go but I want to stay. I did everything and beyond. I tried to be the best I could for you. I told you I loved you every day and showed you in every way possible rather than just saying it. I sacrificed a lot for you. I put so much money into you and you’ve yet to spend anything on me. It’s not about the money or the gifts…it’s the meaning behind it. I’m in school to be a nurse and it’s stressful as it is but I did all your work and wrote all your papers. I helped you graduate high school on time and got you through two years of college. I did every bit of work. We took an English class together…last year..do you remember? I wrote all your papers and mine on top of doing your math work and all my other class work. Do you remember? you dumped me june 5th and the next week was finals week and even though I had so much to do on top of a broken heart I till your final paper for you so you wouldn’t fail. I also did our entire group project on my own. Do you remember this year? I paid for your books because you didn’t get your paycheck yet..? do you remember you only went to class a week the entire quarter….and I did all your work for you so you wouldn’t fail? And on every paper you got a better grade than me? And you ended up with a better grade in the class? Even though it was all my work? Do you remember when you cheated on me…and I never had second thoughts about leaving you? ),: There’s so much more you’ve done that I can’t even put into words. Don’t I deserve an answer to why you left me? You say I’m beautiful and amazing but why don’t you want me? You lied to me. You picked another girl over me because I have morals. I wanted to save myself. You promised to wait for me just last month but you lied. You picked someone else over me because they would sleep with you and I wouldn’t. You can deny it all you want but everyone knows. You treat her how I always wanted to be treated. You give her the time you never gave me. You take her out and spend so much on her and you’ve never done that for the 2 years we were together. You’ve only known her for a couple months. I wish you knew how miserable you’ve made my life. I feel so worthless. I feel used. I was just someone to heal your broken heart. You never loved me.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi Theunknown...he is the one who lost...although it may not feel that way now, he does not deserve you and you will find someone who does...hope the pain lessens and that you live the life you should...you are a good person with a soft heart...J
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I agree with Sadeyes YOU don not deserve an ass like this person okay YOU deserve someone who will care and love you totally and not use you. It is this persons loss okay don't ever blame you okay. Please try to move forward now okay get your nursing career find someone who like you cares about people who has a kind soft heart and who will treat you with respect and compassion. You know now okay not to put all of yourself into a person when nothing is coming back. You will meet a new person and you will be happy the last one left no good for nothing this person was.