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Beyond Desperate

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Anam_Cara, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    I'm getting to the point very quickly where I'm entertaining the thought of getting off this planet. things are way beyond fixing at this point and today absolutely crushed the last bit of hope I had.

    i'm a disabled single mother with multiple health problems, who's living with family and my teenage daughter (in itself that is a trauma- read my previous post in the Uncertainty Principle regarding my daughter's treatment of me)

    Today after 12 weeks of literal hell, trying to get the medication I need approved for my type II diabetes, I was denied by my state medical insurance program. they absolutely refuse to cover it because there are "alternative" medications I can try instead (so they say). For the past 12 weeks I've been receiving samples that last 2 weeks from my physician. This is only a temporary solution while we argue it out with the insurance company in an attempt to appeal their initial decision to refuse me.

    Well that appeal went down the toilet as of today. Got a letter of denial and was told I can request a hearing but that their decision is their decision and I need to find a different medication they WILL approve. A hearing could take additional weeks or MONTHS, which I cant afford time wise. I've been taken off and put back on this medication twice now when I ran out of samples. Each time I have run out, my body goes through hell adjusting to the lack of it, only to get teased with another sample and dropped off yet again. the vicious cycle repeats and repeats. three months of this insanity.

    The medication I've been fighting to get has helped me lose almost 20 pounds since going on it, the whole reason we're using this medication is because im so severely over weight right now, that gaining any will be detrimental to my health, and could have life threatening complications cardiac wise. Not to mention I suffer from fibromyalgia, degenerative spinal disease, 4 partially herniated lumbar discs and osteo-arthritis. I can barely walk at all, and am forced to use electric carts when I do go out. My doctor refused to put me on insulin because id gain weight on it and he's trying to help me lose it not add to the weight problem. If I gain more weight ill be unable to function.

    My blood sugars are normal on it, and the swelling in my feet (Edema) goes away, along with my other diabetic symptoms. Go off it, and the weight starts to come back, I swell horribly again, and my sugars go bad again.

    Now the insurance company offered me two medications as a substitute. BOTH medications are insulin based which is what my doctor said NO NO and NO to for health and safety reasons. BOTH medications will make me gain weight, BOTH medications will likely cause Edema or make it more severe. My feet are already twice the normal size from the swelling I have chronically, and leak fluid all the time. Dangerous in itself for a diabetic to have sores on their feet. My close friend died in 07' from complications with diabetes after a mosquito bite infected and caused her to lose her legs. BOTH medications also are known to cause hypokalemia (potassium loss) in those who are prone to it. I've been hospitalized countless times for hypokalemia and it can be deadly if your potassium drops too low, cardiac arrest can happen. BOTH medications can also cause blood clotting factor issues. in 09' I was treated for multiple blood clots due to a clotting factor problem.

    ALL these issues I already have and they want to put me on medication that INCREASES those issues, some of which could kill me if allowed to persist.

    The drug company offers an rx assistance program but I don't qualify for that EITHER, because im on state medical, even though the stupid medical insurance company wont cover my medication. Doc cant give me samples forever, he has to provide those for others as well, not just cater to me.

    Really feel like if a solution doesn't come up ASAP ill have no choice but to think about putting an end to this endless torment and suffering. it NEVER gets better. EVER. and when it does, someone or something rips away the progress.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I have not heard of insulin putting weight on people it usually keeps weight off becuase it regulates the sugar in the blood stream and clot factors never heard of that either
    This new medication will eventually not be so new and will be covered once it is out there on the market but your doctor can ask t he supplier the company itself to supply meds to you at a lower fee Insulin if taken properly is like the pancreas works our body naturally produces insulin so i do not or have not heard any of the complications you are stating. I am not saying it is not true but i donot understand it. we all produce insulin You are just receiving it from an injection WE are receiving it from our pancreas that is funtioning yours is not so you get it from injection.

    I hope you can find a insulin there are many types now that will help you
  3. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply total eclipse,

    you may or may not like mine, and im sorry in advance. im a realist. I've done my homework.

    There are countless horror stories on the net regarding insulin and weight gain. I myself personally know people who've gained up to 50 pounds on it. My doctor KNOWS insulin vs victoza, and himself said insulin is the WRONG move for me for my health reasons.

    So far my doctor has been right on target with everything he said. Between him, personal experiences of friends and family, and the reports of side effects, these two medications im being forced to consider are NOT going to be taken period. Even if it renders me an untreated diabetic.

    and YES levemir and novalog DO have warnings about edema, weight gain, hypokalemia, and clotting factor issues. i've spent 3 months researching the medications, and am not willing to risk secondary blood clots because the insurance company are being too cheap to cover the medication that's safest for me. I nearly died in 09', another few hours without medical intervention and I WOULD be dead right now. Wish i was honestly, would have spared me from this crap i call a life. WHY? because a crackpot doctor who didn't know what they were doing gave me the wrong medication. I spent a year taking warfarin (rat poison) because of their "mistake" just like the insurance company's medical directors are trying to do to me now. Nor am I willing to become a permanent cripple and stop functioning because of additional weight gain.

    sorry if I don't share your "insulin" enthusiasm. I cant take anymore disabilities, or mistakes made with my health.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    NOt enthusiatic hun i just work with people who have diabetes and i have not seen these side effects in my 30 yrs of working with them. There are so many insulin's out there and as i said hun we produce insulin our own body produces it yours does not so it needs it The side effects you read about are stories that people have written on line and who is to say it was the insulin that caused it Most diabetics that have complications as you speak of are the ones that do not follow diet plans do not keep their sugars under control and it is their living habits that cause the problems not the insulin.

    Their non compliance to their diabetic regime is what causes the complications

    I do hope you can get what you feel is best for YOU but i n the mean time there are other options out there and you will have to chose one that will hold you until this medication you want is covered
  5. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    I looked up the medications listed and out of curiosity - since I am neither in the health care field nor have diabetes my reading is of far less value than yours or certainly your Doctors but can see where a similar non expert working at an insurance company may have a hard time justifying the difference when they are listing average weight gain at under 6 lbs and and lower in people beginning with a higher BMI.
    I have a ton of "practice" at working with insurance companies and it always ends up with mine that they will not approve some medications until I have tried and found their formulatory medications to be medically ineffective or contraindicated. Part of that is to try to control costs associated with Dr's getting kick backs for prescribing certain medications over another. In the medications you listed the one is $170/dose and the other 2 are $60/dose so it is not a small difference if never even tried them.

    Try calling the company and see if they can help some while you wait for your hearing -

    Novo Nordisk provides patient assistance for those who qualify.
    Please call 1-866-310-7549 to learn more about Novo Nordisk assistance programs

    I know a lot of people that have gotten assistance with medications from the manufacturers both on here and in real life. Goof luck in sorting it out and I hope you get it resolved in a way that works for you. I suspect any of the medications would be far better than simply not treating it....
  6. lelantgirl

    lelantgirl Well-Known Member

    Hi there
    I have discs, 2 lumbar ones permenantly reuptured and degenerating, I know the agony and can only function atall with strong narcotic painkillers.
    I too have fibro and severe ME, maybe known as CFS in America, I am type 2 diabetic. Its easier here in UK as we get free meds etc and treatment, it must be awful what you are going through. With the weight gain I was wondering maybe if you had Polycystic Ovaries and syndrome PCOS as that causes weight gain whatever you do and is noones fault and that is often linked to type 2 diabetes.
    I have severe PCOS and Endometreosis and I put on stones of weight yet hardly ate anything.
    Have you heard about the condition and wondered or has medics suggested it I wonder.
    I am here if you would like to chat, p'haps on personal messages, I been ill most my life and its not easy getting through each hour, let alone each day.
    I will read other post regards your daughter etc.
    Take care xx
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