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Beyond frustrated

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Elly-D, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Elly-D

    Elly-D New Member

    Everyday is a struggle for me to try pull myself together after the smallest triggers, the people closest to me dont know what to do and don't give the support I need, I oft feel mocked, excluded and left to feel ungrateful, pathetic and selfish because I am constantly down and cant hide it well enough from them, what can I honestly do just to please others and make it all go away
  2. AndreR

    AndreR New Member

    Hello Elly-D

    I am sorry to read how life is for you at the moment, you must feel a sense of isolation and loneliness. Without knowing your history,I hope to offer some support for you if it would help.

    It’s often difficult for those closest to you to know what to do, to try to understand what you feel deep inside and the torments you hope to escape from. Maybe at times experiencing family members becoming frustrated and annoyed at the times when you hope to need rely on their help most.

    Maybe your comment about being left to feel ungrateful could be evidence of family members attempts to help without trying to first understand you and what you’re going through, does the conversation of “Your being ungrateful after all the help we tried to give you or did for you”, sound familiar?.

    Consider if family members could feel helpless in not knowing how to help the one they care for, to wish to support you as best they can. Not knowing how to help could create anger and guilt at themselves, maybe in some way blaming themselves for your suffering, which you may find they may not own up to. Their own guilt may end up being projected on to you. But there is no excuse to treat you in this way when others consciously know what they are saying.

    Not being able to express how you feel and the thoughts you have to those around you must leave you feeling a sense of hopelessness, at times thinking ‘what’s the point, nobody cares or wants to know’ to want to share what you feel inside is so important to you, just to be listened to, for one to sit and hold your hand as you feel safe to talk about things maybe not talked about before.

    Sharing how you feel and the thoughts you have should be with one who you feel could be ‘understanding’ to you, one who could sit and listen with a ‘non judgemental compassion’, do you feel there is anyone to whom may fit this personality? It doesn't have to be family but friends?.
    Pleasing others de-pleases you, for the frustrations and desire to be helped may increase your belief that the is help you so wished for may not come.
    Everyday can be a struggle, it must be hard, and you’re feeling hurt.

    Yet there is something within you that believes your life is so important that it gives you the strength and courage when you need it most, a part of you wants to live and journey towards a life at the end of this period you are going through.

    Consider the times in the past when you were at your lowest, when everything seemed hopeless, where life seemed to have no meaning, then just when you felt giving up, something within pulled you through, took you above that low place which tries to attempt to torment and control.

    Keep listening to that part of you that believes in you and the importance that you have in life, even the smallest of your efforts mean so much to others.
    Consider to unlearn what you learned about yourself believed from the treatment of others, for these are not your thoughts. Hurting people hurt other people, consider not accepting to be hurt anymore.

    That part of you that sees the real you, listen to it more and more, as you do you begin to see a little light breaking through to your awareness of how much of a person you really are.
    These words here may not seem to bring much freedom as what feeling the mental and physical benefits would give, because you would then believe only what you feel. acting on these thoughts start the relief process of the benefits to which you hope to one day find and experience.

    Have courage, trust the strength in yourself that time will carry you through, keep talking, seek the right help for you, remember you are an individual with your own hopes, dreams and wishes in life, it just needs your decision to start that journey.

    I hope you may find some comfort and help in my reply.

    Take Care