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    so today im moving back to mothers, havent been this scared in such a long time now. And too think id gotten away from all the abuse and would never have to go through that again. Just shows how stupid i am. Why on earth would i think id never be hurt like that again, i should of known i dont deserve such luck and now im too pay the consequences.

    I need to finish packing, i need to hurry up and get my rubbish done but i still sit here feeling anxious dreading when i get on the plane to go in 4 hours... And im the one who chose to go back to that house.

    Dont want to speak my counsellors today about saying goodbye for the last time, i dont want to even move..

    Words can even begin to explain how scared i am at the moment. :blub:

    sorry everyone for complaining again just soo stressed
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    Why move back to the abuse hun you set out strick boundaries before going back there okay you let your mother know that you are strong now and will not take it first signs of abuse you get out of there
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    my dad was getting real bad, my counsellors were threatening to call child protection, i was in hospital way too much and everything was once again just going wrong. I had no where else to go honestly and didnt know what else to do.. Im living with my mother at the moment and i can see she is tryng but shes still the same. I should be moving into the apartment next to hers as of next thursday which will hopefully make alot of difference.

    UGGH honestly dont know what to do, ive been on the phone to a helpline every single night since i got here and wow. Not copeing at all. I cant just leave.

    Ive come up with an idea that if things get real bad again, in the sense that im honestly scared for my life ill move out to a shelter for a few weeks again as i did before and tell someone, tell them everything. But fr now i think i just need to take the bruises and be happy with it. just finish school and get out in a few years