Beyond the Void

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  1. Wolfwood

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    Wobbling on the edge of utter desolation,
    Where thoughts of death become a fascination.
    I take a step backwards and continue to sway,
    Is this the final hand that I will play?

    While what lays behind me is probably eternal rest,
    Is this decision the very best?
    Death is certain and that much I know,
    However there is still life in me left to flow.

    Perhaps this anguish can evolve,
    Maybe this question isn't impossible to solve.
    If I pay a visit to the abyss,
    There are so many things here that I will miss.

    Some things good and some things bad,
    Joyful events and those which are sad.
    When will this perspective shift?
    I desperately need my spirits to lift.

    I look in the mirror and remember every scar,
    The result of my despair I need not look far.
    Thoughts race through me, shackles tighten,
    I scream and then peculiarly my sense of awareness begins to heighten.

    A new thought washes through my being,
    I take a second glance in the mirror unsure of what I'm seeing.
    The burden within me feels far lighter,
    A winning result for this righteous fighter.

    The ground stops shaking and I gain some composure,
    Taking a step towards what was once an enclosure.
    Shadows fade away revealing what they left in the dark,
    Being pulled forward my soul begins to embark.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.