BF + Cheating= advice needed!!

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    Have found my bf on a gay hook up site after caught him talking to a random person online the other night. He has taken photos in the flat we share of him self and his cock and posted on said site. he also states he can accom eg have people over. i have no hard proof he has had people over to hook up but still made me feel sick he took pics in the house we share to try and help him hook up! how do i confront him?! Said issue has also brought up the urge to drink and self harm again so if anyone can help would appricate it.
    All my love B
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    Advice would be walk away hun find someone that you deserve that cares for YOU not themselves okay hugs
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    hey hun dnt harm yourself becuase he's an ass go find someone that will treat you right
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    hey everyone thank for replying. Will try to post back with how it goes. Cya soon, i hope. B x
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    well if you met him off a gay hook up site then the urge is probably still there for him to check it out and see if anyone is about. the issue seems to be that you both have different expectations of the relationship.

    you might want commitment, while he seems to be wanting to hookup with guys. the fact he has kept the profile open, taken new pics and is looking for new people goes to show that he is definitely looking for someone new and that should be evidence in itself.

    in my view you can talk to him about it, but either way, unless you agree to an open relationship, he will probably cheat on you behind your back, as he has clearly shown that he wants to.

    what i find really interesting is that he did it in front of you - either complete lack of respect or you both have different expecations as to what the relationship is :O

    i know most gay guys do cheat and its one of the reason im so picky, but hey you are better off alone and looking for someone new and better, than staying in a relationship where you know you will probably get hurt.

    im sure there are lot of of nice guys out there and you simply need to go and find them. possibly try gaydar, rather than the hookup site you are using. many of the guys are more genuine ;)
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    Lifes too short to spend it with people who mess you about, even if you love them
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    All I can say is tell him, there's the door now get the fuck out.
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    I have to agree with everyone else hun except............don't walk! Run!!

    He's not being honest with you and that's a relationship buster for a start let alone the gay site he's on
    You deserve better
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