Bi Christian?

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    Is that even possible.? I'm bi, kind of leaning on the gay side... But I have been going to church lately... And they say it's wrong... I don't know what to do. I mean... Are they right? Or... I don't know. And the thing is. I have Bren going to these church nights for the last couple of months. And I have claimed to be [bi] gay for a year and a half. I'm starting to fall for this while God thing. But does that mean I does that mean I have to change? Or should they accept me for who I am? Help me. Please.
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    You can still be a christian and gay or bi.

    The people that say it's wrong probly don't even know another openly gay person. They are wrong. It's ok to be gay.

    Far as I'm concerned, Jesus never said there was anything bad with being gay. It's who you are and that's that. On 60 Minutes last night I actually saw the story they were running about Mary Mckillop or what ever that is going to be sainted sometime. Just before they stopped the story the priest said that "All we're saying is to love god and love one another, that's really all we are trying to sell.". Now I don't know what he thought of homosexuality but if he were to say they were sinners or something everyone in the entirity of Australia would be laughing and calling him a homophobe. And a hypocrit.

    There are many bi/gay christians out there, you just have to find a church that accepts you and has the MENTAL CAPACITY to realise there's nothing wrong with it.


    How old are you? Are you out/who knows about your sexuality?
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    Exactly what I was thinking..
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    As an atheist, I'm not sure how important my opinion on this is.

    Jesus never condemned homosexuality, or even mentioned it. What was important to him was that his followers were kind, charitable, and faithful. In fact, some people believed that he actually encountered a homosexual couple, but said nothing about their relationship. He praised one of the men's faith, though:

    But as with everything in the Bible, I suppose it depends on how one interprets it.

    I'd also like to point that, you didn't choose to be gay. Whether or not one believes that you're born gay, it's still something you didn't choose. Do you believe God would punish you for something beyond your control? It'd be like punishing you for having blond hair or freckles.

    There's quite a lot of groups for gay Christians, so you're certainly not alone either. Here's the first thing that showed up on google:

    I wouldn't argue with your fellow church goers, how ever. I can guarantee you that they won't change their mind. I'd suggest going to a different church instead.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Viro

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    Are you gay, or bisexual, or unsure?

    I would distance yourself from this church. It will do you no good to hear yourself vilified for your sexual orientation by a bunch of idiots.
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    the church's distaste for homosexuals comes from early times, like the rest of their outdated stories. it depends how you and the deity of your church want to interpret the bible. if you take it literally then yep, if you even want to have sex with another person of the same sex then you will burn in hell. however, most churches nowadays take the bible stories as a metaphor and will accept anyone the way they are so long as they live the best life they can. and however your church works, they should accept homosexuals, it dosent affect your behaviour in a church, it dosent mean you're going to attack and rape people in the church.

    my advice is to tell the priest or pastor or whatever, that you believe in god but you are bi, and i would be surprised if they didnt accept you with open arms.
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    I'm also a Bi Christian and have people telling me how wrong it is. They say that that the bible says its wrong. But I have been looking into and have found some great resources that i can give you the links to if you would like hun. But most importantly, dont let them judge you. And if they do, point out it says dont judge people in the Bible as well. If they arnt showing you love also point out that Jesus said to love your neighbor and that EVERYONE is your neighbor, even gay/bi people. There is nothing wrong with being who you are. And to answer your question, yes it is possible to be a bi Christian. God will still love you. And even if being bi is a sin God forgives and loves all, and so should the church right? If not they are hypocrites.

    Here are the books and stuff:
    At this site they have a book store as well as articles. A direct link to the book store is:
    Check it out. :hug: Dont be ashamed of who you are. I'm here if you need to talk. :arms:
  8. anasgirlx

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    I am also a bisexual christian. Feel free to come to me if you need to talk, i'm here.

    I don't believe Jesus ever had anything against gays, so neither should the church. My church is very open and supportive of my sexuality.

  9. shades

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    NO...YOUR CHURCH IS NOT RIGHT! But I will not go into the reasons why based on logic and the bible, is lengthy. The comments above are very well stated.

    Be comfortable with who you are and find another church that accepts gays! Best of luck to you!
  10. cult logic

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    I thought in Christian thought it was that there is not actually a homosexual orientation, but rather people that choose to commit homosexual acts?

    Then again it doesn't really matter, in today's world you generally don't actually follow the Bible to be a Christian, you just take the parts you agree with and go on that.
  11. absolution

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    hm.. im wondering where you heard the first part.. Just curious. :hug:

    and there has always been people who dont follow ALL of the bible. Its not just in today's society.
  12. Pow

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    The bible was written long ago before gay rights.
    Being an atheist I think it's wrong that someone should limit there life just because some book said so.
    I don't know much about Christianity but they say god accepts everyone for who they are and also if it was wrong why are there gay people on this earth.
    It's like they made people to have there own orientation and thoughts then go "Oh no, can't do this, nope can't do that either.
    The whole thing just contradicts itself.
  13. cult logic

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    Just look up any Christian opposition to homosexuality arguments.

    They claim one CHOOSES to be gay. That implies that nobody is actually REALLY homosexual, they just choose to be for whatever reason.

    And yes, there always has been people who don't follow the bible, the numbers just increase the less and less socially acceptable the bible's teachings become.

    Part of why I find Christianity and most all other religions to be so full of hypocrisy. It never has made sense to me how people can follow just some of the supposed "word of god" and block out whatever parts that condemn portions of their lifestyles.

    I'll never understand how people that actually believe that stuff can do that, then again I don't really understand how people can believe in religion at all. Regardless I digress.

    And before anyway throws the "OMG U HAET GAYS IGNORRRANT" I see nothing wrong with homosexuality I'm just playing devil's advocate from what seem to be the tenets of Christianity.
  14. aoeu

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    The Old Testament damns homosexuality, but it also damns eating pork and shaving. Jesus' teachings - love God, be kind to those around you - supercede it for Christians.
  15. Entoloma43

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    "If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives." (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)
  16. aoeu

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    Fucking abominations everywhere need stoning. Stupid laws.