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big bad world

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"I quit, I'm done
Cause I don't think it's gonna turn out OK
It's no fair, it's no fun
If every time it's gonna end the same way:
Me zero Big bad world one"


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introduce the emotion of hatred in to your life. it may help you improve you self. striving to not better your self but to prove other people are below you is a worthwhile goal. show this puny world that it is filthy and your are god. i am probably the only person here that will tell you to embrace hatred but in my experience it can help you do great things. if it wasn't for hatred i wouldn't be in college to prove that that am superior to those from my past. yes i know i sound nuts, but if something works, then use it.


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hey echo I'm gonna be a hypocrite here and say you need to stop being so hard on yourself
so easy to say and so hard to do
I think I remember you having no success with therapy but I wonder if you've read any books on Cognitive behaviour Therapy?
it takes time to learn but may help *hug*
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