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Big hallucination today

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Hey I'm bipolar and I have had hallucinations quite a lot before but they are usually quite small and fleeting. However today I had quite a big one and I thought I'd share it. You guys can share yours too if you like.
It was 8am and I was in my room reading and I suddenly heard Lady Gaga's Bad Romance booming up from the downstairs stereo (which is in the dining room which is underneath my bedroom). I thought to myself 'Why the hell is my mum playing it this loud (full volume) at this time in the morning?)' and it was really annoying me so I started shouting 'Mum, turn it down, shutup!' over and over again. Nothing changed so I went downstairs and turned the stereo off at the switch and the music stopped (it was on for about 2 minutes before this happened btw). I went back upstairs and I was mumbling to myself something like 'grrr mother turning the stereo on at this time in the morning' and I heard my mum shout from the bathroom (she was in the shower) 'oh shutup jane'. Now at the time this seemed really weird-why would she put the music on if she was going in the shower and why would she tell me to shutup like that if she had put the music on- but i ignored it.
Got home after college about five and said 'Mum, why did you put gaga on so early this morning at full volume?'
Mum 'Erm I didn't.'
Me 'Er I heard it yeah you did'
Mum 'No there was really no music on this morning'.
I asked her if she'd heard me shouting this morning and she was like 'Yeah, i thought you were behaving really strangly because you kept randomly shouting shutup'. I know she wasn't joking too.
It turns out she hadn't put any music on this morning and she had only told me to shutup because I had been shouting crazily for no reason.
I could actually hear the music, it's not like I'd just been asleep and woken up either so it was deffo a hallucination. Usually when i hallucinate they are very small and I know that I'm hallucinating so I'm feeling a little worried about how real this one was. It's like in films where you see people who hallucinate but it all seems real to them and it worries me that I might keep doing this and I might get my reality all mixed up.


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That must of been quite frighting when you realised there was no music. I've heard my family downstairs talking loudly before and when i went down to see what they were doing up so early, they were all in bed. It doesn't sound as bad as yours but i can understand you being a little worried. I would let any services you are with or doc know if it starts happening more often. Smile :smile:.


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It's strange isn't it! I find it quite interesting. I wouldn't be so scared about mine if I knew at the time I was hallucinating, if that makes sense!


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hi ana.. yes knowing it was a hallucination is much better than thinking it was true reality.. i love bad romance by lady gaga.. she and this song are really worth it.. if htis starts happening to you often maybe time to talk to your med doctor about it.. tc, Jim
Been hallucinating since I was 3 or maybe 4. Mainly visual and auditory hallucinations. I regularly hear music, usually classical. I see people but also animals. Sometimes the people are whole, and other times they are not. Same with the animals.

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