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  1. I wanted to start working out regularly so I could get my body on a healthy cycle and get to sleep without using sleeping pill, plus it never hurts to tone up the body. But it has an added benefit...a mood booster! I went riding for two hours today all around the city, I came home feeling great. I usually try to boost my mood with food and TV...:dry: I suggest starting something that can be something you enjoy but also have the benefit of being healthy too.
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    That's great.. I'm glad that you have found something that helps you both phsyically and mentally. Did you sleep well? I think there is a lot to be said for physical activity.. i really should do some too :)
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    I also have found that exercise in general, and riding a bike in particular, can be very helpful.... The only problem I have is that when I'm feeling down, I just can't force myself to get up and out and go for a ride... which is a shame, because that's when it would be the most help.
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    Physical exercise 3-5 days a week (30-60 min. per day) is all it will take to notice a great lift in mood, better sleep, and even increased energy and confidence.

    It only gets better the harder you push yourself. When you can run a mile without stopping, run even further (and a little harder) next time, eventually move on to 2 miles, then 3, etc. The important thing is that you're breathing hard and feel exhausted by the end of each exercise, that's how you know you've trained well. The same is true of biking, swimming, etc.

    Your positive energy will grow stronger as you train harder. It's very difficult for most people to train continuously if they're alone, that's why it's so, so important to have a friend with you to keep you motivated.

    It takes several weeks of hard training before you truly notice the changes, in most cases.

    No matter how much I'll say this, most people will never have the motivation to actually try it. If they could though, their motivation and energy levels would skyrocket after just a few weeks of proper training. It's almost like a catch-22.
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    One of my aims is to get physically stronger to ride my bike. It is just depressing when I can't do it for long enough and I get upset and start crying at what I've done to myself through this eating disorder. I know what you mean, it's a great feeling.
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    i train all the time and yes it does boost my mood... in the moment... about an hour and a half too two hours later i crash into a real bad depression. i know a lot about fitness, i used to be a personal trainer, i know many people say cardio is what is best for helping the mood and weight lifting doesn't work, (which is a myth, there is plenty of research that states both do the same thing and in older people weight training works better that cardio). for the record i do both and get the same result no mater if it is resistance training or cardio training. another note, the for of resistance training i do complies with the High Intensity Training principles that have been shown to be effective time and time again since the 1930's (try doing 20 reps of a breathing squat with 300 pounds, your heart rate will go up and you will want to pass out, the end result your body releases all sorts of neurotransmitters as well as produce GH and raise testosterone levels)...

    been looking all over for information on a possible physiological explanation for what i go through, all i have come up with is that i may need to time my carb and protein intake differently, which i have done, but i still get the crash...

    little note, i seemingly am more supseptable to depressive mood swings later in the day and in contrast i am more alert and active around mid day. i am bipolar and borderline as well as ADD, so god knows what else is playing into the crashes...

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    Yeah I've been running for several weeks now and have noticed a self-esteem boost for sure, plus I'm getting firmer and more toned. My sig. other noticed that I was looking good, which kind of upset me even though I know he meant well...
    the bad thing is that I can only work out at night because of my work and school schedule, and if I run at night I have trouble sleeping, still I've been doing this 5 nights a week. Up to like 2 miles now...not incredible, but coming from doing nothing I've definitely seen a positive change.

    I know it will be depressing if/when I stop though, this kind of thing really spirals out of control and makes me depressed when I fall out of it--typical self-defeating behavior to dread the failure so much that you don't want to attempt it in the first place!!!

    great job on the feeling better though, congratulations, its one of the things they tell you that you write off and finally see the wisdom behind it. hope you continue to benefit from it.
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    Exercise is the best way to beat the blues