Bipolar affective disorder type 2

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Recently been diagnosed with bipolar and have tested out a few mood stabilizers. What pisses me off is I keep going around in the cycle of self sabotage. I haven't been to work for a week, I'm inconsistent with most things I do and I'm over it.

I wish there was some way I could change this.... Has anyone got any advice or suggestions.

I also suffer from anxiety which is also debilitating me at the moment and I want that gone too.

I've thought about ending my life but what would that solve. I'm just sick of the constant battles going around in my head all the time. :(
I'm sorry you're going through that i think i kinda get what you're saying except for he self sabotage part, how are you sabotaging yourself?

I've got the same thing so... Right there with ya :turtle:
What I mean by self sabortaging myself is.... I think I'm afraid of success. Because of my stupid mindset I'm so critical of myself and no confidence in my ability etc. So when things start going etc.... I'll stop doing it. Such as... I've started a new job 3 weeks ago... Going great guns and Monday panic attacks set in and now it's the end of the week and I haven't been all week. It's almost like I feel safe being a failure... Well that's what my mind is set to believe. Pretty crappy really.
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