Bipolar and medication

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    This could apply to medication in general.

    I am CONVINCED that I am Bi polar/manic depressive, and I am seeing my psychiatrist soon because of my recent low period. Granted I have come back up from it, and for no apparent reason too. But I am still going to see him so I can get a PROPER diagnosis.
    My question for those who are bi polar is; how do bi polar meds make you feel? do they completely cut the highs? Because the last thing i want is to go to having the emotional range of a spoon. The lows are dangerous, but i dont want to loose the highs..
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    When the correct medication is Rx, they are mood stabilizers, in other words, they are intended to reduce the cycling and normalize both the depression and the mania...because ppl's cycles are very different (in degree and time each mood lasts), sometimes it takes a few tries to find the correct medication...when one does, there is great relief...J
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    I am on Lithium. It makes the highs less high. I still get a little high, but nowhere near as much. I am still levelling out on it as I've not been on it long enough for it to make a serious difference. But I am starting to notice a difference.
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    Manias suck. Really, they do.

    Being happy is much better than being manic euphoric. This is much harder to accomplish than being manic euphoric, however. But it's possible ONLY if you're being treated appropriately (and generally this will involve medication; if you have a grand total of 4 or more highs and lows in a year, see the link in my signature because rapid cycling bipolar doesn't respond well to medication.)
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    I take Lithum but I don't really notice much of an improvement and I've been on it for that long now.Mainly I'm just really depressed this morning I had a few up's but they went down as usual.
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    i still have highs and lows on medication, just more within a "normal" range i guess. when i was not on medication my highs were out of control. lots of breaking the law (smuggling, shoplifting), no sleep, feeling like i could jump out of my skin, loads of sexual partners. now the worst that happens is that i stop sleeping and feel energized and creative. it's much better. i'm on epival and zeldox. was on lithium but developed kidney problems.
  7. i guess its different for everyone especially probably dependant on if you have the right combo and have been on it for the right amount of time etc... i take a combination of meds for mine and it does tend to smooth things a little, highs and lows still occur but not as severe... hmm so pretty much what others have said :)
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    There are two classifications of Bipolar disorder- I and II. bipolar II is when you have depression more commonly than mania, and your mania is more mild-called hypomania- less prone to go off the wall manic.
    It's important to consider different medications, analyze your history and so on. Make sure you're treating the right symptoms.

    I am on lamotrigine, commonly used for Bipolar II, and it feels great- stable yet productive most of the time. Just make sure your doctor knows exactly what's going on and maybe get another doctor's opinion on it. Don't go into the appointment with the idea that you are bipolar- just be honest. GL to you.