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Bipolar, boarderline personality disorder and a "normal" job

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So, I'm looking at the fact im going to live with this indefintely.
Medications rigth now are a no go for me, but either way, how do members here find working dealing with either of these disorders? Do you find it possible? Or have you had to find an employer that understands? Did you inform your employer as soon as you got your job? What about bad days what do you do in regards to work? And dealing with public if you do so, or is that a no go for people dealing with bipolar/boarderline in your opinion?
If theres anything else you want to tell me, please feel free letting me know

wild rabbit

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i got advice from the equality and human rights commision on this, because prior to my current job i didnt disclose and nearly got sacked when i became ill and admitted my bipolar.

i disclosed for my current job and had to go for a medical, which went fine.

now because i disclosed i can have things put in place if i become unwell, and any sickness caused by bipolar, where i need time off, cannot be used in any policy against me.

saying that, working is one hell of an incentive to stay as well as i can, as i would miss out financially by losing hours, and i would have no social life.

working gives you so much, i even met my partner at work.

there are days i dont want to go, but i make myself, and make sure i plan for breaks and hols so i can keep my batteries charged. I keep a notebook with me to help my memory too, and as a record of how much i have done in a day.

Im a mental health social worker, so i do ok, just have to b a hidden patient so i can keep my mental health private from colleagues and clients.

bipolar can make you the best front of house person going, so dont avoid folk, and bpd can also give you skills in perception of what people want and need, so all in all these problems are actually more of a bonus.

good luck, what are you thinking of doing for a job?


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It's hard for me to work manias, I take time off in the first day or two (I'm blessed with short manias so that takes the brunt out.)

As for depressions, working is -very helpful-, as it gives me something to do other than mope.

I don't know about disclosing, I've been advised to keep it to myself... but if it causes problems I'm in trouble.
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