Bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder??

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  1. I am a 15 year old female and 2 or 3 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My health class is currently studying mental disorders, including bipolar and social anxiety.

    None of my therapists ever really mentioned social anxiety disorder to me, but it caught my intrest so I've been doing some research on it and I'm rather upset because it really sounds like me...It's really hard for me to talk to people I don't know, often times, if there's a lot of people around I don't talk at all, which makes me come off as rude, I make excuses not to do things with my friends and sometimes 'forget' we had plans and feel really awful about it, and it's hard for me to speak up in class. This has been going on since 4th grade and seems to be getting worse.

    All those things match the symptoms I've found so far, but I have a few questions:

    How likely is it that I'm blowing this way out of proportion and finding a problem that isn't there?
    What are the chances of having both bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder? Could my bipolar and the affect it has had on my life have contributed to this?
    What can people with social anxiety tell me about how it feels?
    What are the treatments and how do I get treated?

    I've been out of therapy for several months now because I thought I didn't need it so much, and it might be hard for me to ask my parents to go back. No matter how I explain it to them, the will think that I'm having problems with my bipolar or that I'm having suicidal thoughts and am hurting myself (I'm not).

    How do I ask my parents for help?
    Do I even need help?
    How do I ask for help without crying?? I'm not even sure why I would, but it would make them think something more serious that I'm not telling them is going on, and will make them cry and get all boohooey. I can't stand it when they cry over me and tell me everything's going to be okay and that they're there to help, although I do appriciate that they care.
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    I never once spoke out in class unless the teacher asked me something!

    There are social anxiety tests online, check them out and see what they say. I don't know if it is possible to have BP and SA, but surely when you're having a manic period you aren't all quite?

    SA like all other mental problems feels like shit. You get excluded from society because you're different and the times when you are included you get so nervous that you fuck it up and start hating yourself.

    I haven't seeked help for my SA but you can get medication even though the normal routine is to go through therapy where you get exposed to your fears of being in the presence of other/unknown people.

    If you feel that you have SA and it is messing up your life then you should get therapy, you're still young, so the sooner the better.

    I don't know how you should talk with your parents, my parents have no clue about my issues and just believe that I'm shy. Anyways best of luck.
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