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Bipolar Disorder - A mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder some time ago, and I've been afraid to tell people. I can be in a good mood, when one rude comment suddenly sends me into an ocean of angry emotions. I'll feel like crying and screaming, and I know it's not healthy, but I hold back my tears. When I'm in a good mood, I get loud, and move around quite a bit. People tell me to stop, and when I ask for them to back me up with certain aspects of my behavior, they'll only talk about how loud and obnoxious I can act. It kinda hurts when people only think of you as a chatterbox who doesn't try. I wish I could regulate my emotions and keep myself calm, but it's so hard. Then I act out, and do something so irrational that no one wants to talk to me. it's hard to be myself when everyone keeps telling me not to. This isn't limited to people in public places, by the way, this extends to my family. My mother, who also has bipolar disorder, is more often than not the one yelling at me and telling me to stop what I'm doing.


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That must be awful. You'd think that people with bipolar themselves would be more supportive of others who have the same disorder... I'm sorry.


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That must be awful. You'd think that people with bipolar themselves would be more supportive of others who have the same disorder... I'm sorry.
Hehe it doesn't really work like that ;) you can't regulate your moods as easily as a non bi-polar person and your triggers can send you right off on one in the blink of an eye. It's vile, I'm bi- polar and won't stop taking my meds for anyone as they give me more of a fuse when responding to stuff.

@Another-Social-Casualty Your mum may just be yelling as a mum, if youre acting up she's maybe trying to discipline you? How are you acting up? Do you both take medicine?
It sucks being yelled at, it sucks even more when you're bi-polar and get yelled out.

Hugs ❤


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I am sorry. I just got diagnosed with bipolar II yesterday. It totally makes sense. I always had the feeling it was something more than just depression. But I think I'm in shock after hearing the news. Like it makes sense, but I still can't believe it. I know it's not the end of the world and it could be a lot worse but I'm still sad over it. And like you, I am afraid to tell anyone. There's so much stigma, I'm not sure how to tell anyone. I won't for a while, just so I can come to terms with it myself first.


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I’m sorry but the sudden changes in mood isn’t characteristic of bipolar disorder. Yes mania, hypomania, mixed states and depression are but if you are okay one minute then flip into a rage the next, that is NOT bipolar. Bipolar episodes tend to last weeks or months, not minutes or hours.

From what you describe you sound more like you are suffering from borderline personality disorder with sudden mood changes and problems with regulation of emotions but ofc I am not a doctor. But maybe you should seek a second opinion so you can maybe get the right treatment as meds are not gonna solve your regulation issues; therapy is more effective for that.
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