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Bipolar hypomania

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I cant take this. Cant sit, cant lay down, my entire body feels like theres electricity running through it. My thoughts are going too fast and
my hands wont stop shaking. Everythings uncomfortable and all i wanna do is stop. Took one of my sleeping pills cause thats all i could think to do. And i made a great lasagna so fast but i cant eat. Gah i hate this bipolar shit all i wanna do is stoppppp.
I got one of those "wait and see" doctors. So no luck til next month. I see therapist tommorrow. Sleeping pill took the edge off. But i have no balance now. Feel drunk sorta lol. Still off the walls but its more manageable now.

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im sorry to hear that but if things get worse you can go to hospital and get on call pdoc to adjust medication and let your regular doc know though
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