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  1. i dont know what to do anymore... i was diagnosed with bipolar II about a year ago, but no-one believes that something is wrong with me. My parents just said that the psychologist brainwashed me and my best friend says im thinking myself into all of it. it gets really bad sometimes and ive wanted to commit suicide almost every 3rd day for the past 3 years. and then the next day im fine and crazy.

    any advice??
  2. Chargette

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    Much of the public is not educated about the things we suffer. You many want to get some simple pamphlets from mental health to give to some of the people you know. Not all of them will be willing to read them.

    Keep coming back here because you will get the understanding and feedback that you can't get most everywhere else.

    Does your doctor have you on medication?

  3. total eclipse

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    Can you take your family to doctors appointment with you and get doctor to explain to them your condition. I hope you are on medication and are getting therapy. Sometime is family members go into denial because they can't accept the reality of the situation. Get your doctor to talk with them
  4. no im not on meds. never got them, since my parents would have to pay... so not seeing anyone anymore either... but starting with work next year so i can pay for it myself then. most days are okay though... ive learnt to tell myself that tomorrow i will be okay, and most of the time i am okay the next day (with all the ups and downs). but feeling so down sometimes becomes unbearable and i just cant talk to anyone about it because they say its my own fault. but there are good days :)
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    I have bipolar 1 and was diagnosed 17 years ago. My parents were in denial, especially my Dad who just thought I was a bad apple. Other family members and friends were uneducated about mental illness and as such I had the stigma attached to me. Even all these years later, I still come across people who assume that because you have a mental health condition, you are some sort of violent and insane miscreant. Sometimes when I dwell on what people think about me, it triggers me a little and I start feeling all suicidal again. Even on all my meds, it still affects me.
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